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Stacking 9300

Hello Folks,Well, I staked 2 9300 switches then I turned on the switches, but when I connected to the switch with a console cable my terminal covered with these interface link state messages, it keeps popping up. Then I decided to remove the stacking...

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Resolved! 2960 in stack is "freezing"

Hello, since a bit more than a week now I had in 3 days unexpected disturbs of my switch 1 in a Stack of 2.Switch 1 seems to be froozen and I need to power off/power on. After reboot it will work for 1-4 Days until it happen again.  cisco WS-C2960X-4...

2020-06-04 07_33_03-Syslog-Empfänger 4 _ Details des Sensors _ PRTG Network Monitor.png

Resolved! Help to implement port based security.

Hi folks,I am a newbie to cisco and need help to implement port security. I have a unmanaged switch setup where users trying to plug-in wireless routers (d-link and tp-link) to get benefit of high bandwidth and i need to control this. After researchi...

Nexus 7010 Power

I need some help to understand the output of show environment power on a Nexus 7010 with 2 x 6K AC power supplies. The objective being what is going to happen when I plug 2 N7K-M224XP-23L into slot 7 & 8. Based on the power calculator and the redunda...

Resolved! throughput problem

 Two servers connect to the Cisco nexus 6000 switch with a 10g fiber port. However, we have a problem: the throughput on this switch is not more than 100 megabytes, but when we connect the servers directly, they also have up to 9 gigabytes.Sfp-10g-sr

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