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Resolved! rommon> mode only

I managed to clear the boot system and now am stuck in rommon mode. there are limited commands there. I was trying to configure the 6500 to go to IOS from a ATA card but the transfer was only 33mb instead of the 52 of the 12.2(18)SXF9 software upda...

gmvburg23 by Level 1
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My Cisco 3750 switch deactivated a port when I connected a hub because a loop back was detected.sh interfaces fe 5/0/10 output is:FastEthernet5/0/10 is down, line protocol is down (err-disabled)I would like that anybody say me how I can to activate a...

Hello,Have not found any luck with documentation that indicates how to "turn off" trap notification for ILPOWER-5-IEEE msgs...Can anyone point me to a guide, or perhaps might now which command to use to supress these?My snmp trap config: snmp-serve...

cachaves by Level 1
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I wanted to make sure I was reading the version information correctly. Out of the following three IOS versions for a 2924 switch, which is the most up-to-date? Thanks.IOS (tm) C2900XL Software (C2900XL-C3H2S-M), Version 12.0(5.3)WC(1), MAINTENANCE ...

Resolved! Root guard

imagine we have 2 distribution switches A and B connected to an access switch C (double connection)switch A is the root. blocked port is in switch C (uplink to B).if :-1-i apply root guard to swA and B but not to swC-2- i connect a swD to swC and swD...

ohassairi by Level 5
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Hi,How do we monitor LAN QoS which is based on CoS and DSCP.What is the command to see matching or dropped packets for DSCP vlaue?Regards,Rajesh

i have two four routers interconnected each other, each has has redundant link to other. if i use eigrp as the routing protocol, can redundancy be acheived? ie., if one of the router/or link down, eigrp will use the alternate path. please advise.

kope by Level 1
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Hi, I have problem with new Cisco Express 500. I want to connect together two switches: catalyst 3550 with express 500. I have problem, because on the desktop, which are connected to express 500 haven't connection to Internet(DHCP don't work?). Maybe...

arkadio_w by Level 1
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Hello,from time to time, my Router is booting with Software forced crash.More Info:*** System received a Software forced crash ***signal= 0x17, code= 0x700, context= 0x82ecf398PC = 0x804856cc, Vector = 0x700, SP = 0x8320ff18System Bootstrap, Version ...