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Resolved! Bridge-group

Hi every one,  I have cisco 2960g (2960g-24TC-) which runs IOS 12.2(55)SE-BASE-CRYPTO. I have a problem to define multiple Bridging groups. The CLI shows that the " host_name (config)#interface BVI" is a available command, but no way of defining new ...

azi123 by Beginner
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This is the Cisco link for License Reservation:https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/lan/catalyst_slr/b-169-9000-series-SLR-cg/b-169-9000-series-SLR-cg_chapter_00.html#task_c5k_ksp_42b Problem is this,. I built a stack and put them into Prod...

Hi, I have some Cisco 3850-12S-E switches currently running software version 03.06.06E.I know now that I have options of either Denali, Fuji or Everest depending on what features I need.Basically the switch isn't doing anything too fancy - just layer...

Jim Kerr by Beginner
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Sorry, for any mistakes, since this is my first posting but, would anyone have an idea of why a Catalyst 2960x switch will not allow me to interrupt its boot process without ending up rebooting? I made the mistake of using the enable secret command a...

Mcoolwhip by Beginner
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Hi,When a few switches are stacked, during the boot one of them states an error:Switch X has a platform mismatch with the stack. Only on changing to a compatible bandwidth mode will the switch joinWhen booted, show switch command output in master swi...