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hi   I need a copy internet trafic.Have a such network topology from Cisco to VM:   2960 - 3750 - cisco 3120 -                                                             - VMWare dSwitch - vNic VM                    - hp procurve 6120xg -   //RSPA...

HiI created a small network with basic configuration on packet tracer to check how IPV6 address autoconfig works, however I'm unable to automatically obtain a  global unicast IP. I've searched on forums but so far no luck. For this test I used only 2...

raulisess by Beginner
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Hell0 All –I need your help in this configuration please.I have setup below setting in both Firewall and Cisco Switch SG300 -  Cisco Firewall RV345 set with two VLANS –VLAN1 (Default) – – Untagged – Port 1 – – DHCP enabled.V...

saids3 by Beginner
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I am setting up an RV260 router that I just purchased and when setting up all of the Static NAT rules, I noticed that I cannot create more than 30 rules. Is there a reason for this? Is there a way around this?

wli3 by Beginner
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I am getting ready to upgrade my external switch stack and am being asked how long that this upgrade will take the network down. (It will be performed during a maintenance window.) I thought it took about 15-30 minutes but I am not sure of how long t...

Hello,  Just a quick one as my head is getting a little confused now. We currently have a 2900 switch with a trunk currently setup to allow a number of VLAN's to a customer maintained switch. We are wanting to setup another trunk on our switch going ...

Tippey by Beginner
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Hi Friends,i have cisco i5000 working as L3 intervlan routing at core layer and on distribution layer i have Hirschman switches. The problem is that, on distribution hirschman switches running  MRP with access switches and RSTP with I5000. So i am re...

Shani444 by Beginner
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Hi I have a Cisco 2960X switch and I want to send syslog to external server. I configured it withlogging host {ip_address}What level logs are sent to the host by default? Is there a way to change this level?  I cannot find any info on this online. Is...

hi all,just a question : is it possible on a sg 200-18 to deactivate all advanced options ?a friend has bought it and he often don't have any internet access at his home because of this sg 200 : as soon as i put an old layer 1 netgear 24 switch, all ...

Hello all,We have data vlan and voice vlan. All the ports are configured with " switch port access vlan 10" and switchport voice vlan 20" commands.Our problem is when provider changes some settings on auto-provision file, CDP and LLDP are disabled an...

Izac ICT by Beginner
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