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Hello,I would like to confirm if it is possible to connect the Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series 2000W AC Power Supply to an L6-20R receptacle (208V/20A). Cisco documentation only lists CAB-TA-NA as the compatible power cable which is 120V/15A. Appreciate t...

Shadi A by Level 1
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I am trying to track down some "slow" network reports on our network. I started using snmp to get a better look at some of our switches. I don't think I found my answer yet, but I noticed something odd on a couple of nexus switches that are set up fo...

I have a problem with a new Catalyst 4506E with SUP8EI entered an incorrect config-register when I disabled password recovery, should be 0x2102, I entered 0x2302 Rebooted the switch and it's now in a infinite booting loop with no option to enter ROMM...

NeilGouws by Level 1
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Hi, I use SG300-10PP and I am trying to configure using SNMP.  I was able to set the Admin Status of a port 2 to Up using the Snmp client tool 'SnmpSet.exe -v:2 -r: -t:10 -c:pqrs -tp:int -val:1 -o:.' I am not able to ...

Hi Cisco Engineers, I have question regrading interface requirement to create link between 2 catalyst stacks. Switch 1 is 9300-Stack of 2 switch acting as Core Switch ( L3 ) Switch 2 is 9200-Stack of 3-4 switch configured as Access Layer switch (150 ...

4pratik by Level 1
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Hello, We've a 3560X switch which is using a lot of CPU (around 80-90% CPU) and 25-30% interrupts. Top 3 processes:175 1060646641 3649393632 0 16.13% 14.93% 14.93% 0 Hulc LED Process224 3956630454 3320689710 0 10.86% 10.97% 11.01% 0 IP Input13 249781...

wowzie by Level 1
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Hey Y'all,I hope this is the right place to post a hardware problem.  We had a storm and power surge yesterday and it seemed to cause 2 of my switch ports on a Cisco SG350-10p to stop providing PoE, but strangely they will still pass traffic.  Non-Po...

Hi guys,We are using 3750 stackable switch with no stack presently. Wondering if we could disable the stack election process to boot the ios faster like other non stackable 3750 switches.ThanksSent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone App

mohdqawi87 by Level 1
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Dears,user takes a network cable and plugs it into two wall jacks,  this creates a loop, a broadcast storm will likely follow. This happened to us by having an end user hooking up their IP phone to two network jacks. It brought down the entire networ...

Hello i have cisco 3750E cpu 30% traffice 2.2 giga its normal for cpu ?  BGP-SW#sh processes cpuCPU utilization for five seconds: 26%/1%; one minute: 29%; five minutes: 28%PID Runtime(ms) Invoked uSecs 5Sec 1Min 5Min TTY Process1 0 12 0 0.00% 0.00% 0...

Dears i have currently 2 x 6509 switches on distribution layer in which i have 2 x 48 module sfp modules in each, now i want to propose cat 9500 48y4cl as a distribution switch , so now i will be requiring 4 x 9500, how i can achieve the stack wise  ...

adamgibs7 by Level 6
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