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Hi guys,We wants to setup our network. At head off we hv 40users & we hv factory at two locations. What all equipents we required like router with how many serial port at head off. Which link is suitable for us etc etc. pls guide me.RegdsAK

Many Catalys 3850 switches Auto-reload

We are facing Many C3850 switches auto-reload , before reload ,cpu load was high abnormally .current image is  flash:cat3k_caa-universalk9.SPA.03.06.08.E.152-2.E8.bin121121211119807627277789100 *90 *80 *70 *60 *50 *40 *30 *20 ************10 #########...

C3560 rebooting issue out of blue.

 Hi Many customers of mine have been using C3560 SW and yesterday, I was told that some C3560 switches was rebooted suddenly.There was no tasks relating network or no due to power supplier. Sites are different case by case, though C3560 switches are ...

hjson0001 by Beginner
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Migrating to 9300 from a mix of models (4 x 2960-24TS,S,PC & 2x 3560-48T) already or near End of Life

The migration is going to start with 3 x 9300 models. later is going to completed with more boxes. So I need they work together mixed for a while, maybe a year or two. The 9300 models are 2 x 9300-48T & 1 x 9300-24UX this one is going to arrive in 4-...

mahmahmah by Beginner
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3850 switch lan ports led solid Amber

Hii have a new implementation of Cisco 3850 . 8 of the switches lan port led shows Amber .If I connect any device to the port there is no change in LED(Amber only). But the device is able to communicate with network . I removed the configuration for ...

anishbn by Beginner
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how to reset SRW2016

hi im not sure if im in the right forum so please dont delete.. i got this SRW2016 switch  i got this cisco usb to db9 pin cable but that didnt work  for the consolei had a usb to 9pn to get a com port 5    and i had a couple female to femal  db9 cab...

comet424 by Beginner
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802.1x and ATA

hello Team, I am trying to configure 802.1x on the 2560 switches. We have some ATAs connected. I configured the MAB on the switch and configured the windows IAS server with the ATA MAC as user/password. However; when i connect the ATA to the switch p...

ak7246 by Beginner
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Resolved! IOS XR Softaware crypto image

Hi,  What is the difference on  XR-NC55-P-06.03XR-NC55-PK9-06.03 I understand that the K9 image is a crypto image. But how does it differ and what benefits does it give to the end user? BR Andreas

Resolved! QinQ Termination on ASR920

Hi Guys I don't have allot of experience with ASR's first time deploying one of these. we have mainly been using ME3400 Switches as our Customer CE's. Our client is deploying a small office and we need to tunnell all client vlans across the provider ...

Outdiscard on all connected ports

I have 2960's switches  that are experiencing a huge number of total output drops on all connected interfaces. Yesterday i cleared all counters and today i have 155817809 number on my uplink trunk port connected to ASA.I dont have any qos enabled on ...

sokhunov by Beginner
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