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Hi,  Was looking for a way to kickoff a script to upgrade the IOS of switches on my network.  I have a large number of devices that need IOS upgrades, and was looking at way to kick off the upgrades in groups.    What I'd do before the IOS upgrade is...

rmorenobb by Beginner
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Hello all,I've got a stackwise strange behavior in our customer plant.We have 3 siwtch C9200L-48P-4X in stack with IOS-XE release 16.9.4.After switch module #2 failed we have replaced it with a brand new one C9200L-48P-4X  with the same release.So we...

dugolotti by Beginner
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Hello Experts, We have experienced a situation where one of our primary edge 7609's was crashing due to a faulty line card. TAC initially stated that the crashes were related to the EOBC and stated that one of the Sup720's was faulty.  However, we co...

I managed installed self signed SSL certificate on 9200L (IOS XE 16.11). It appears working fine in Firefox but not in Chrome. I guess I may missed something so I need help. Thank you. Here is what I did to install the certificates for the HTTP serve...

Hi All Cisco mates. I have an issue with LAG created on SG550 and SG500. Syslog show portchannel flapping. I am using LACP on both side. I am pretty sure the LACP is issue. I have configured one port on switch with mode ON and works fine without flap...

I add 2 vlan: 192.168.20.x and 192.168.30.x into switchand set IP is and Gateway to route to internet is, I cannot use the internet from any vlan (.20,.30)and I already set static route remote next hop to 192.16...

Hi there, I've got Spectrum cable (Cadant CMTS), with a Netgear modem. Whenever I reboot my firewall, switch, or modem, I can't get an IP address until I connect the modem to the firewall (Ubiquiti USG) and then it grabs a public DHCP lease and will ...

Jon_K by Beginner
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I've tried everything i could, i set up masks, ips, and all network commands according to my lab properly, but in the simulation tab the ping fails when going from switch to router. I have no idea what i did wrong can someone help me?

Weeby by Beginner
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Hi,In LAN network,if I am using vlan 200 for PC users i.e. data and customer told me to configure two IP subnets for PC users and users will get IP from DHCP server so what is solution if users should get IP from primary subnets and once primary get ...

knaik99 by Beginner
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DearsAnybody can explain me the through put performance for catalyst 9600 switch , hence it show hardware ready upto 25.6 ( 6.4/slot x 4 slot = 25.6,,, Please correct me if i m wrong, but this is not the way we use to calculate to other modular switc...

adamgibs7 by Frequent Contributor
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Hi all,I'd preface this with an apology if this is a dumb question. I am an enthusiastic amateur so I may not get all the terms correct.Could you please explain to me what VLAN tagging is and why I need to use it?I think I understand correctly that a...

cre8toruk by Beginner
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Hi, I have a problem with dot1x configuration on WS-C2960L-24PS-LL Firmware 15.2(7)E0a I have copied the configuration from a 2960x that works fine, at the first everything looks fine, copyed the interface configurtion into one of the interface and e...

Ole J by Beginner
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HI All i have two catalyst 4500 series switches which are configured VSS and however whenever the standby switches powers up the the corporate internet connection goes out what is the possible cause and how can i troubleshoot  Regards, 

henokk601 by Beginner
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Hello everybody, i'm just getting crazy trying to ping pc2 from pc0, you can check the configuration in the attached file it seems that the routing table of router 0 is right, but for some reason it stop on the Fa 0/0 interface,  i hope that someone ...

All: Per my other post on this matter:   Can someone from Cisco IE4000/5000 engineering team please confirm: PTP traffic generated by the NTP-to-PTP gateway feature sets the Muticast IP packets TTL value to 1, preventing packets from being Layer3 swi...