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Since Cisco CE Software Upgrade, unable to navigate a Cisco MSE MCU using up / down / left to select a conference in the list

Hello, We recently upgraded several SX Series CODECs from the TC version of software to the CE version of software and now have some issues attempting to connect to far-end video bridge (specifically Cisco MSE MCUs).I only state more specifically the...

Non-Immersive endpoints can we put feedback ratings using Macro

Hello Experts, Can we put some pop-up for feedback rating on non-immersive endpoints when every calls ends using macro framework?If yes, how this will work and where this feedback will be stored?Does anyone has applied this and have any sample script...

SX80 log settings

Hi all,Just a quick question regarding the SX80 endpoint. Our customer installed several of these devices,and they are sending out alerts/alarms and we would like to minimize the output. Is there a way to change the log settings on the SX80,or change...

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CMS 2.4.2 WebRTC and Microsoft Edge via Expressway - anyone got it working?

CMS 2.4.2 introduces WebRTC compatibility with Microsoft Edge.  I've upgraded a CMS to this version and it seems to work OK joining on-network, but I can't get it to work via Expressway - when I try and join a meeting, the Windows PC goes black for f...