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Could see from release notes that, TMS now supports Scheduling with Conductor.But, does it know when to stop the bookings after it has reached the resource limit on the Conductor Managed MCU's.Got to know that, TMS currently lag this feature and it w...

I'm doing some tinkering with my Jabber/Movi deployment.  We are proxying registrations via VCS-E into VCS-C.The thing I've noticed however is that proxied registrations don't seem to obey our subzone rules - they always end up in the default subzone...

We have had two TelePresence Content Server boxes, as separate devices in TMS for quite a while now (TCS01 and TCS02)Recently we've clustered the two TCS's.  A day or so after doing this, the TCS02 device is showing up in TMS with an "Incorrect Authe...