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Voice over IP using E1 Lines

Hello, I am planning to shift normal FXS cards to E1 cards so that i could use E1 lines and their 30 channels using one cable other then using a whole lot of FXS cards each giving just two connection points. I am using 2801 and 3845 routers. Kind...

jaykishan by Beginner
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Reg:2800 voice

Dear sir, Iam having 2 2811 routers .i connected this back to back using gigabit ethernet.in that router mainrouter having Fxo pots and remote router having Fxs ports .I configured fxo and fxs ports but iam facing a small problem when i was dialing t...

Long-distance problems with 7912 series

I'm able to configure the clients 7912 phone with full long-distance access without entering a code. The problem is this. Once I configure the phone for the client to enter the access codes, it says "long-distance redialling or dialling from the seco...

julienf28 by Beginner
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deb fax relay t30 level-2

Is there something to interpreter the result of deb fax relay t30 level-2 ?I have some problem related to T38 fax Protocol, but I'm not able to understand where is the problem (Cisco 2811 & 2611 AS5400 PGW HSI GK enviroment)

iptoip gw isue

Hi to all,the problem is that on incoming voip dial-peer on a iptoip gateway the call is not redirected inwards to call manager. I see in voip ccapi that Final Destination flag is true. Any advice what can i do.i will atach config and debug from voic...

what is port 13120 for? voice related?

Hi forum,the below access-list is for my voice qos settings. I cannot find the purpose of why using tcp port 13120? from www.iana.org, port 13120 is unassigned, is the configuration by mistake, it is configured by my vendor.Thanks much,PN# ...

paulnigel by Beginner
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QOS for VOIP 1720 Router by port

Hi, I need to set QOS for UDP ports 5004 and 5440-5445. I would like to just do it by the port number and avoid lists, ip addresses, macs and all that. Is there a way to do this? Thanks,Roger

roger200x by Beginner
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Upgrading SIP Firmware on 7940G

Can somebody guide me on how to replace a Cisco Call Manager Firmware to SIP Non-CM for 7940G. I have downloaded an 8.2 version for SIP Non-CM, but there was an error during the uploading of files oin a tftp server. There some files that is needed li...

FAX Issue

Hi All,I have a problem with a fax machine not getting a dial tone it is connected to an ATA device. I have connected and analog phone up to the ATA and still get no dial tone is it faulty. I can ping it and it is registed in CCM. When i ring the ...