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UC540 Email Not working


I am trying to setup the email of voice messages and fax messages using the UC540. This has been setup before but has stopped working in the past week or so. I have taken the following steps for toubleshooting:

1) I can send/receive an email on my computer while connected to the data vlan wifi. I believe this proves the internets is setup correctly on the UC.

2) I have double checked the email settings (un/pw/server/port) and that is correct.

Is there another way to check why emails are failing to be sent for both voice mail and fax? Is there an error log to show these failed attempts?


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paolo bevilacqua
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There are CUE traces you can take, but it takes some CLI exporationto find the right ones, that I don't remember right now.

Jeremy Koch

Have you recently updated to 8.6? I had the same thing after I updated to 8.6 and i have still not fixed it with numerous call to Cisco Support. Everything appears fine (done traces and what not) and it just wont connect to the SMTP server.

let me know if you fix this please....

UC540 system with 8.6.1 Software Pack

UC540 system with 8.6.2 Software Pack

Make sure you have the following static routes on your default getaway (your modem router that connects to the internet).

I will take the example for your network as uc500 ip address

CUE address

phones network address

On your default gateway:

static route 1:

static route 2:

See if after you put in this routes it will wor.



Yes i have those routes in place on my NETGEAR ProSafe™ Gigabit 8 Port VPN Firewall FVS318G.

they have been inplace since i installed the phone system. Email was working fine untill i updated to 8.6

UC540 system with 8.6.1 Software Pack

UC540 system with 8.6.2 Software Pack

Naum Vitanovski

Have you got unified messaging enabled under smart applications in CCA?

I personally dont want to use the UM compnent. i just want the email notification for the voicemails with the voicemail file being attached as a .wav file. this is not UM.

the original poster maybe using UM or wanting to use UM so i will have to wait for them to respond

UC540 system with 8.6.1 Software Pack

UC540 system with 8.6.2 Software Pack

No probs.

It's just part of the checklist, when you are setting up email notifications. I read it in a guide and I always enable it.


Thanks for the replies.

I am not using um. When I had it working before I had never enabled um. Is there requirement to have this enabled?

I also did not set up the static routes previously, what would be the reason for these?

Hi well isnt this certainly interesting. i too dont want to use UM. nor does the original poster.

I think there is more to this issue... i have been working on this for weeks with Cisco support and still no answer...

UC540 system with 8.6.1 Software Pack

UC540 system with 8.6.2 Software Pack

Hi all,

I can tell you that voicemail notification with email is working fine with both CUE version 8.6.3 or 8.6.5.

Maybe it is not configured properly the CUE or the SMTP server itself.

It could be mistake such as SSL set with port 443 or port 25 while it is waiting on port 465 etc. or the relay is not configured on the SMTP server and others like this.

Did you try some well known working SMTP server?

Best regards,



Where and what is the email server?

SMTP Packets sourced from the CUE will have the source address  Could there be a problem returning the email conversation to CUE from the email server?  Although you did say it worked before the upgrade so your routing may be right.

I would get WireShark and see if SMTP packets are getting out of the UC540 and what they look like.

Hi, the email server is part of my SBS network.

Domain/Exchange server is and its working just fine.

i can't even get the UC box to send the email via Hotmail with the default settings that CUE puts in for hotmail!

When pinging via the UC box and/or CUE, you can ping everything!

UC540 system with 8.6.1 Software Pack

UC540 system with 8.6.2 Software Pack

Hi Jeremy,

Since you can send from CUE using hotmail settings that demonstrates the CUE is able to send the vm to email notification works.

On the SBS, do you have all the IPs on the UC on the allow list to relay? What is the firewall or edge device on your network?

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hi i just fixed my typo... its NOT sending to hotmail. its the same error as wehn trying to send via my exchange server

UC540 system with 8.6.1 Software Pack

UC540 system with 8.6.2 Software Pack
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