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Hello to all, I am currently working on a client's company and i am trying to connect to my company's network using cisco's anyconnect client. I am running redhat linux and i have Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Version 2.5.6005 which my company provides...

alex-naxos by Beginner
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Hi,allI have a testing in ASA5510,achieve ipsec remote vpn + certificate authentication + AAA radius username , password authentication and clientless webvpn + certificate authentication + aaa radius username , password  authentication。ipsec remote v...

Di Zhang by Beginner
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**Any thoughts on whether this should have been posted in a different security thread?I've tried to piece this together with  SSL Remote Access VPNS, Understanding PKI and the Cisco's ASA 5500 Series Chapter 73 Configuring Digital Certificates, but s...

newtwork1 by Beginner
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I have a DMVPN setup using simple GRE and VRF's with one Hub and a few spokes.  At one client we are having MTU issues where we have had to manually change the MTU of the servers on the hub side and the clients on the spoke side to 1476 or lower.  I ...

Hi All, I'm just having some issues with my VPN passing though an 881 configured with CCP.I have a PPTP VPN server at, so I need the router allow it to pass through (by the looks of it, it handles the initial connection over TCP just fi...

Hi every one,In our company we have no cisco router and no firewall,So we want to put somthing from cisco,and we have no ideas about which we should put first,router or Asa the attachment shows the architecture we want but i don't know if it is corre...

I am trying to setup QuickVPN on my RV180W and having no luck.  My client log shows "Remote gateway wasn't reached"  "Failed to connect".  The client is Win7 64-bit.  I have created the firewall rule for icmpv4 on my windows 7 client but still no luc...

I have an ASA 5505 that I'm testing with. Running ASA 9.13, CSD 3.6.6249 and Anyconnect client 3.1.04072. I have the ASA configured to do a simple file check on the client computer using CSD.When I connect to the ASA from a computer with no Anyconnec...

kmkrause2 by Beginner
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Good Day,I have a user who is having an issue occur from time to time. This began about 5 months ago.He will one day be able to use the cisco vpn at his home and connect without issue one day, and then the next it will error out.Talking on the phone ...

jdole by Beginner
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I have a working ANyconnect mobile Jabber on-demand setup on an ASA running code 8.4(5) and ASDM version 7.1(4), and trying to do another confiugration on a different ASA runnign same ASDM but version 8.4(4) code, the first one is a 5510, the second ...

Version 9.1.3ASDM 7.1(4)Advanced Endpoint License ver 3.6.8133.2 Host Scan Image hostscan_3.1.04082-k9.pkg Host computer is running McAfee HIPS/AV I've written a number of DAP rules to check endpoint attributes for registry keys, active processes, fi...

jshojayi by Beginner
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