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Hi, how to download the Cisco AnyConnect XML file from FTD. In FMC, I can see an option to upload an AnyConnect image or profile in Object>anyconnect file. But there is no option to download the AnyConnect profile. I wanted to edit the existing AnyCo...

Vishnu_RR by Beginner
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Hello Everyone,So i have struggling with getting IPSEC LAN to LAN connectivity to work but in vain.Both phases come up but traffic seems to flow in one direction (Incoming), so traffic going out is not encrypted(no encaps to my understanding). I got ...

Skywalker by Beginner
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So I am configuring a couple of FTDs in a lab environment. I went through the steps of creating the VPN connection, but I cant get them to establish the tunnel. I will lay out my process below. My set up is as follows:2 - FTDs1 - L3 Switch2 - PCs Lab...

Hi,I have built a site to site VPN between Route A and Route B.Router Apublic IP: A : in subnet A Bpublic IP: B : in subnet B, but only route to Router B ...

alex20123 by Beginner
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Resolved! vpn issue

Hi, I have an issue  , pkt's are encapsulating , but no decapsulation  happening . what could be the issue What is the next step need to be done to verify the issue from on premise ?Crypto map tag: test, seq num: 3, local addr: OUTSIDE-IPaccess-list ...

Hi all,This is my first time posting on here. I have a somewhat silly question. Is it possible to integrate the Cisco RV345 with Duo for MFA? A colleague mentioned they had a conversation with Cisco about a year ago, and the Cisco resource confirmed ...

achachika by Beginner
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Hi,I'm using the AnyConnect client to login to our VPN.  AnyConnect 3.1.00495 is running on Windows 7 home premium.  Before Christmas, it was working fine.  I've not made any changes to hardware or the home network.  How do I remedy the error Unable ...

I'm trying to connect to a linux server running a VPN server using a Cisco IR829 router. I can ping the VPN server from the router but when I look at the L2TP debug messages it says " is unreachable" Here's the debug log. Apr 29 06:28:07....

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