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I have a client that needs to establish a IPsec tunnel to a large organization. They will not forward any traffic to an IP using private reserved IPs. However I am not finding another way to accomplish this. I tried ipsec to the router and using a se...

I am setting up for the first time a tunnell from my ASA 5505 to an ISA 2006 server. I have a successful connection between the two devices, but what seems for only a certain IP range. show crypto ipsec sa shows local ident (

Hello all,Iam having an issue where the GRE tunnels are up/up but are not pingable. The GRE tunnels are on a cisco 1811 and cisco 2811 routers  The tunnel source and destination IP addresses are private  addresses. These private addresses are pingabl...

mukundh86 by Level 1
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I'm trying to set up a site to site VPN link between the ASA5510 that we use exclusively as a VPN endpoint on campus and a D-Link DIR130 VPN Router off campus, at a local business with a dynamically assigned IP.  We currently use the ASA for remote a...

Hi there,Wondering if anyone has had issue with setting up a VPN as between 2 ASA as followsSite 1 ASA(Directly connected to Internet) -> Site 2 Internet Router HSRP address which is NAT to outside interface of ASA behind Internet router.Strangely en...

This is my first post, and I hope I am placing this in the correct group.I have several associates that I am supporting who are working at a customer site. Two of those associates have recently started experiencing BSoD shortly after connecting to th...

meanoldman by Level 1
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Hi guys,I have a router 2801 with IOS c2801-advipservicesk9-mz.124-16.bin where I created any VPN's site to site and some VPN's PPTP.My question is if I can restrict the VPN PPTP over MAC-Address.I need only specific computers with the MAC-ADDRESS re...

Hi all,I'm trying to setup VPN S2S. Office router 2911 ip a.a.a.a, remote office ASA 5505 8.4(3) with ip b.b.b.b, but no luck.2911 config:!version 15.2service timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps log datetime msecservice password-encrypti...