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Hi I have setup a VPN connection on a 891 router.  I can connect to the VP both but am unable to ping or access any resources on the remote network.Here is my running configuration:Building configuration...Current configuration : 7328 bytes!! Last co...

Hello all;I've been studying like mad to take my CCNA Security exam in the next couple weeks. I've posted on several various bulletins here with various topics. My main issue was trying to connect virtuelly via GNS3 and my router setup on it. Scratch...

Greetings,Please believe me when I say I've performed countless hours of research for several days on the subject and have not been able to derive a detailed and complete explanation on how to setup and configure the following scenario. With that sai...

casasr by Level 1
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I just applied 25-50 SSL upgrade license to a failover cluster and it caused some issues.  Once they were applied to both ASA's the failover went nuts, and flapped between both boxes until they were reloaded.Here is the strange thing though. The imag...

Hi folks, I was trying to connect a windows vpn client behind a Pix (LAN), but it does no work, watching Pix loggs I saw that message: regular translation creation failed for protocol 47 src inside x.x.x.x dst outside: x.x.x.x I think, GRE works dife...

mcelec by Level 1
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Hey people. I originally had a site to site vpn between my pix 515e and RVS4000, but wanted to put my router on the edge of my network for greater QOS control. I've managed to get the tunnel up, but can't get any traffic across the tunnel. The RVS400...

Is it possible to allow remote access vpn users access to another remote site through a VPN tunnel? can anyone point me to some configuration on how this can be achieved?I have already configured a site to site VPN between a PIX and ASA, and remote a...

Hello All. This is my first post. I've look a lot in internet so I don't found any help about this issue.I want to establish a VPN with GRE between 2 sites but one of them is behind a router ADSL. This router redirects all external traffic to outside...

adelbano by Level 1
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hello guys,Can any one guide me how to automate the Cisco VPN Client using C#, or where can i find API for the Cisco Vpn Client, so that i can accomplish my task? another question does Cisco AnyConnect can replace the Cisco Vpn Client IPSec.Regards

Hello,customer is using a cisco-router to terminate VPN-Connections. The connections are verified using a CA-Server running Windows 2003 via SCEP.Now customer is upgrading his server environment to Windows 2008. In a white-paper from Microsoft I foun...

I am able to start the ASDM, but it hangs when loading the running config from the ASA. Same results from multiple PCs... on the ASA command line, the running config will not display: ERROR: Command Ignored, Configuration in progress...

a.voiles by Level 1
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Hi ...I have some doubts about designing a GETVPN solution.I have a big network with 5 concentration points with routers 3925, this concentration points connects to central network and each one connects some reomote locations.We are thinking to use G...

guigonza by Level 1
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Hi all,I'm looking for information on how to install a wildcard certificate with only the .cer file.  I've found quite a few things here in the forums, but everyone seems to also have a pkcs12 file, which I do not.  Any specific help would be appreci...