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Phase 2 failing .IKE Initiator: Rekeying Phase 2 Intf 2 IKE Peer x.x.x.x logs VPN concentrator

Dear All,I have VPN 3000 series concentrator   , S2S tunnel  built to check point .  since last week tunnel  having issue . below are the observationPhase one will be up . TX traffic observing increasing . RX  trffic not moving . application are not ...

Spoke to spoke VPN connectivity

Hello All,I am familiar with u-turn for remote access and site to site vpns with dynamic public addressing, ie that site has to initiate the connection, so the crypto acl at the hub is fairly simple. However what if both spoke sites have static addre...

Resolved! 2 VPNs to separate networks with same IP scheme

We have an office in Bermuda and 2 offices in Chicago. The 2 offices in Chicago have the same IP scheme - I'd like to set a site-to-site VPN up from Bermuda to each of the Chicago offices. I have one up and it works fine. When I set up...

Resolved! Running login script after AnyConnect VPN Connection

Is there a way (similar to the application launcher on the IPSec client) to launch a login script after establishing a VPN connection? After a user connects to the VPN from the AnyConnect client I need to be able to run a login script to map drives. ...

snowmizer by Beginner
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Allow 871W EZVPN to access internal network?

Hi,I've inherited some 871W's that are currently configured to establish ezvpn IPSEC connections to a Cisco ASA 5520.I'm somewhat shaky on IOS...not bad, but by no means an expert.I need the 871's to be able to contact certain servers on our internal...

IPSEC Remote Access VPN Issue

Hello All,             I have just setup a IPSEC Remote Access VPN. I can log in from the client with no problem. I recieve a IP address from a seperate Pool than my Inside network DHCP Pool. I desire to browse everything inside my (inside Interface...

PPTP VPN on a Cisco 877 router - ZBPF

Hi there,I'm trying to configure a PPTP tunnel for remote users to access inside network resources, before enabling the firewall (ZBPF) all worked perfectly, tunnel comes up and worked perfectly.Once I've tried to define zone-pair/policy-maps the VPN...

Access Multiple Network Segments over VPN

Our client has a 5510 with 5505 at three branch offices. I am able to access the 5510 through remote access vpn, but need to be able to run a Lansurveyor to maintain inventory on their network. I can only access the segment of the network that I vpn ...

default gateway change

Hello all,I have a Cisco 1841 and 1941. The 1841 will eventually be phased out of the LAN it is routing for. The 1941 we just switched all the users computers to it as the default gateway to Comcast's network. The 1841 has a WebVPN setup pointing to ...

IPSec VPN Remote-Access and TCP MSS issue

Hi,I'd like your advice about an issue with IPSec and TCP MSS.I have the following architecture in productionCisco VPN Client------------------PacketShaper---------------------------------VPN 3000-------------------LANTCP MSS 1300                   T...

herve.leon by Beginner
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