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Should this command be used on a DMVPN multipoint interface (3845 router) where typically over 100 spokes have tunnels terminated?  Because the defualt is 8Mb.  All of our monitoring tools report that the mulitpoint tunnel interface is over utilized ...

All,I'm rolling out clientless SSL VPN out to my current organsiation and I am having issues with Active X - I have setup working profiles and my issues generally lie within Cisco Secure Desktop and active X on the client machine.I've tried about 6 d...

I have two Cisco ASA 5510 devices terminating multiple site to site VPNs. I am trying to creat a new nat0 rule on the outside interface which will allow traffic to pass from one VPN to the other. When I try to add a specific group oject to a differen...

I have a 2911 Router that I am trying to configure for remote VPN access.I have tried three different clients, with varying results (none of them successful).Using the Cisco VPN Client version 5:Cisco Systems VPN Client Version (...

jschrody1 by Level 1
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Hi,on my MAC, snow leopard built in vpn client no connecting with Cisco router acting as VPN server, here is error log i get, can any one help? though i have these policies confgured on my router, but still it fails:SSep 13 16:04:03.211: ISAKMP (0:19...

I have a configuration where multiple people from behind the same hide-NAT are making AnyConnect SSL VPN connections to a Cisco ASA.  It seems that if only a single user is connected things work fine, however when the 2nd, 3rd, etc users connect, the...

dcarlson by Level 1
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Hello,i have little problem with configuring of client-to-site PPTP VPN on my PIX 501 for two VLANs together.Now I have configured PPTP VPN for VLAN1 (192.168.8.x) and it works properly. I can dial VPN, IP address is assigned for client and client ca...

Jan Rolny by Level 3
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I have Two ASA  5505's setup in a site to site VPN which works perfectly.  Now I also  need to have remote client VPN access with the Cisco VPN dialer to the  1st site.  I can get the VPN dialer to connect the the VPN and get a VPN  IP address, but I...

We have multiple regional offices that we need to VPN to our primary data center.The regional office have an IPSEC enabled router\firewall and the primary data center has an ASA5500.Instead of creating 20+ vpn tunnels, we are looking to create one tu...

I am looking for a SSL VPN Solution for our Company that would scale to 700+ users in the next few years.  We are currently using the Avetail SSL VPN, and although it does a good job, the licenses are a bit expensive and we do have an opportunity to ...

Dean-VA by Level 1
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hi all , we have a scenario that a pix is installed in a remote site and has a vpn connection with the HQ (ASA 8) , the vpn is up but the I can't ping the LAN from eithwr both sites , but also I can do remote desktop from both sites ?!! can anyone he...

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