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ASA5510 two inside interfaces

we have a client that is installing failover core switches. One will be in standby mode while the other is active. This will require two physical connections to the ASA5510 firewall. The ASA has one unused interface. Is it possible to assign both...

j.bourque by Beginner
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PIX to ASA Upgrade

I am preparing to upgrade my PIX 525's to ASA 5520's. I am wondering if anyone has experience with the migration tool and happens to have any pointers. I am planning to use the PIX-to-ASA Migration tool to copy my configuration and would like to hear...

IPsec and SSL VPN, No Internet access

Hi,I've set up Easy VPN Server and SSL VPN on a couple of cisco routers (877 and 3800) with a full tunnel (No split tunnelling). Everything works as it should, except that I don't have access to the internet using the WAN connection of the remote loc...

rdeangel by Beginner
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ASA- Environment related alerts

Hi All,Is there any command on ASA 5505/10/20 that gives the environment vlaues?(fan/temp etc). If not.. does the below config send info to syslog server..??******************************hostname(config)#logging list TEST level warning class sys --> ...

mvsheik123 by Rising star
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ISP doesn't know encaps and protocols

My ISP which will remain nameless -unless someone asks- doesn't know the encapsulation type, pvc's and other relevant information I need to configure my router. The only thing they can tell me is they don't use pppoe so that leaves IRB and PPPOA.Is t...

VPN remote access configuration on asa 5540

Dear All,when i m configuring my asa 5540 i am not getting option or command to configure vpn tunnel.In ASa configuration mode i m getting no option to configure von.i.easa(conf)#crypto ?configure mode commandsca certification authoritykey long te...

failover of IPsec VPN SPA

We have two VPN SPA modules on the different cisco 6500 Routers(12.2(18)SXF. We set up IPsec failover with HSRP and SSP. I think the failover would be oocured when I will upgrade IOS of 6500 and reboot. I wish the original primary SPA could keep acti...

AnyConnect MTU Size

Going through the release notes for AnyConnect 2.3 it gives the example that the MTU size is set to 1406 bytes just after Figure 11, but includes no explanation. Is this just an example of how to change the MTU size or is this a recommendation for op...

IDSM-2 : More recent /etc/modules.conf

Running a IDSM-2 (IDSM-2 6.1(1)E3).I've started noticing the following events:/etc/modules.conf is more recent than /lib/modules/2.4.30-IDS-smp-bigphys/modules.depAs a consequence , i ve also noticed that every time IDSM-2 runs signature auto update ...

VPN Tunnel VPN 3020 to ASA 5520

Hi All, I have setup a VPN tunnel on my VPN 3020, which connects to a Cisco ASA 5520 on the other end. The tunnel comes up fine, both phases, and I can see traffic being sent from my end through the tunnel, but no traffic ever comes back. The other ...

IOS EZVPN and Static IP Address

Have approx 50-60 EZVPN Clients terminating on our Server. I would like it so that each ezvpn client is give a static ip address, nainly for management polling. The only way I can get ezvpn to work at the moment is with a DHCP on the Cisco ACS Serve...

derekgaff by Beginner
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ASA 5510 as VPN Hub

I am a new of ASA. I setup several VPN tunnels between Data Centre, Headoffice, Site A and Site B. (Pls refer attachment)Alls VPN tunnel are up. when I setup ASA in head-office as "VPN hub" so that Users in Site A and Site B are able to access the re...

logintck by Beginner
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