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I have promised to help a guy with a few design issues. First of all his employers are dialling-in to the company when they need a connection from home (they have 2 ISDN modems on the site). Second, they are all using public addresses on the LAN. Thi...

hi when i do show crypto session detail command i get this following massage: Interface: FastEthernet0/1 Session status: UP-ACTIVE Peer: fvrf: (none) ivrf: (none) Phase1_id: Desc: (none) IKE SA: local

HiI have to enble virtual-profile aaa in 7200vxr router but i have only two options:Router(config)#virtual-profile ? if-needed virtual-template I don't understand where is the problew?Any help please

ilirnako1 by Beginner
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Dear All,In addition to below which all adsl CARD cisco support.WIC-1ADSLWIC-1ADSL-DG* = 1-port ADSLoPOTS WAN Interface Card with Dying Gasp (system)WIC-1ADSL-I-DG* = 1-port ADSLoISDN WAN Interface Card (Spare)Thanks/RegardsAtul

atuldalvi by Beginner
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Hello,I was wondering if someone can answer my question regarding the following scenario. I am looking at implementing an Active/Standby pair of ASA 5510s that will terminate a site-to-site VPN to a PIX 501. My thought is that if the Active 5510 fai...

dbrisson by Beginner
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I configured a site-to-site vpn with private ip inside and it function properly. Then I tested it with public ip inside and I got an error messageIPSEC (sa_initiate) : ACL = no sa createdThe only thing what I have changed is the access-list command...

isk-admin by Beginner
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Hi, I am configuring my PIX to be a vpn server and i use cisco vpn client 4.8. does PIX support to relay the dhcp request from vpn client to my internal DHCP server? or I have to use local dhcp pool on pix? If can, what's the command? I search cisco...

Hi!Naviganting the Cisco Bug Toolkit i saw that somes bugs are solved in versions that i don't find in the regular download site. An example of this is v7.2, for the ASA55xx.Can anyone help me?Best regards,JP

Dear All,I am facing very strange problem.We are giving networking servies to customers.We have cisco 6509 switch which having FWSM module where we have create different Vlans for different customers.We have define access list for each vpn to permit...

safe by Beginner
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with qu programming language of computers can be executed by console connection (from 2511) commandos on ios Cisco. It is for reshaping laboratories of you practice. It exists applications but they are very expensive, and I must make mia. With an ...

c_gustavo by Beginner
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Hello all, i was wondering. Is there a way (built in) to the VPN 3000 devices that can stop a .PCF file from being used by another user? For instance, if i create a PCF file to be used for "internal" users and one for "external vendors", and both use...

ert021 by Beginner
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Hi NetPro's. I'm looking for a way to add path redundancy to select sites on my existing site to site VPN (all PIX based at the moment).My headend is a PIX 525 (running 7.0.4) and the remote sites are either 501's or 506's (running 6.3.5).I would lik...

dro by Beginner
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i am trying to get ipsec protocol 50/51 to work on a 2811 router that is doing nat. i have created an acl to allow esp/ah on the in/out int but still not working. is there anything else required to allow ipsec to work with nat.

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