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HiI have 2 questions.I have a pix 501 using ppoe to obtain the outside IP address for the ISP. All works well for a few days, then Internet access stops. I found reloading the pix sorts the issue. Is there a time out I can set to force the pix to re-...

I have Cisco VPN client to 837 router.This was working fine until recently, now it is very intermittent. When it doesn't work, I get these messages in the log:%CRYPTO-3-IKE_PAK_IN_Q_TIME_LIMIT_EXCEEDEDand%CRYPTO-6-IKMP_MODE_FAILUREThe cpu utilisation...

slaterc by Beginner
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HelloI have a question regarding crl on the MS CA (SCEP) with Router When I issue the crypta ca crl request command the CA sends the CRL (I can see it with an analyser)Also seems that the router recieves it, since thedebug crypto pki messages command...

In a Windows XP machine that had previously good PPTP connections configured, all PPTP connections fail after installing the Cisco VPN client (version 4.0.2). I read it would recover stopping the "Cisco Systems, Inc. VPN Service" system service but i...

admin_2 by Participant
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I was required to load VPN client 4.0.3 (C) to access an employer's network via CISCO hardware. Now a previously function PPTP connectoid under my XP PRO to another network will no longer work. If I deinstall the Cisco VPN Client it works again. If I...

jgmdean by Beginner
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Hi,We have a vpn3060 4.0.5 code, 512MB memory and E-SEP modules. We have about 600 client sites mostly with PIX 501 running in NEM. We continue to get high cpu and slow network performance when 500 or so clients are connected. According the specs I h...

I have two branch office with PIX 6.3.3 connected to our central VPN 3005. I want these branch office to talk togheter. Is there any special configuration to make this work ?Tx

rcrevier by Beginner
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Vpn site to site and ipsec problemI have configured a ipsec's tunnel from a PIX 506 to a PIX 515E. The version of software is 6.3.3The settings on both pix's isakmp polices, transform-set, crypto-map are the same but periodically the ipsec tunnel fa...

Hello,I have a PIX 501 that I want to configure as PPTP/L2TP servers. I added the vpdn group instructions for both. When I try to run the vpdn enable outside command, I get the "Can not enable vpdn on the same interface as PPPoE" message.Of course, m...

Will IPSec encrypt a packet that is already encrypted? Does IPsec care whether the packet is encrypted already or does it just run the encryption on pack and decrypt it without caring if its encrypted already?

rutledgek by Beginner
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I'm not able to setup an vpn conection from pix towards vpn3000, the otherway around it is working, can anybody please help me. get the message all ipsec proposals are unacceptable!! in mine log from vpn3000

r.karia by Beginner
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Can anyone point me to some documents on config of webvpn, and has anyone configured webvpn with a VNC application. VNC uses tcp port 5900 to negotiate a password between server (local ip:5900) and client, in this case the concentrator (global ip:59...

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