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Hi There! I am configuring 2 L2TP over IPSec tunnel on my Cisco Router (1941/K9 V:15.0(1r)M15). One IPSec tunnel is used for me to access the Network through my MAC. And the other IPSec for my colleagues. There is one problem happening and I don't kn...

usmansa1 by Level 1
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Hi,I ordered ASA with 50 ssl licneses.But due to non avialibilty of the product it was part shipment for me.I was shipped with the ASA with base license i.e ASA-Bun-K8.Then as SSL license going to take some time I was given a temporary license/activa...

sushil by Level 1
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Hi to ALL!I have one question.So, I have ASA with 9.2(1) SW connected to ISP with SLA enabled. I need to configure redundant IPSec VPN via ISP2, while all other traffic should pass through ISP1. In case if one of ISP goes down all traffic including V...

hello,   the management tunnel is working well on our system. If I add the fix from microsoft  to disable IPv6 on all nontunnel interfaces (some other reason I need to use this fix) (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/929852/guidance-for-config...

mabrill by Level 1
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Hello internet colleagues, i have a quick question i can't seem to find the answer too, even after searching the internet for hours and trying a whole host of things.   I have the following setup:   IPSEC Tunnel ASA Remote Site  ---> HQ Router   Now,...

itzatol by Level 1
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Hello, after updating from AnyConnect 4.6. 03049 to 4.7.00136 on a clients Cisco 881router (IOS 15.4(3)M9) we noticed the following strange behaviour:if connected to the VPN and open a webpage (e.g. NAS config page, camera config page, ... with any b...

Tenere by Level 1
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I have the following lab setup in GNS3.  R1 & R2 are VPN endpoint at my datacenters and R3 is simulating a remote site.  What i'm trying to accomplish is having one tunnel from R3 to the datacenter that leverages both R1 & R2 using HSRP and stateful ...

krogers by Level 1
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Customer having issues with AnyConnect and Umbrella. There were getting an endless loop of connected - reconnecting. There solution was to change the DNS on their home network. Can anybody comment on this? How is this the fix?   Having Umbrella disab...