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I have a scenario where I want to push software version updates for the AnyConnect client when the user connects to the ASA, but I do not want to allow initial client installation.  My intent is to force the user to obtain the client from a different...

dtjacob by Level 1
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ASA 5516 setup with multiple site-to-site tunnels all working perfectly.  Setup Remote_VPN and want to have an Admin policy that does split_tunnel and a User policy that routes ALL traffic through the VPN.  Admin VPN works perfectly, but Users does n...

Hi.  We are trying to es establish a new VPN Site to Site from our ASA to OpenCloud (a Cloud from a supplier) and we are having some problems. Phase 1 is completed but in logs the next message is: 5 Oct 04 2018 14:43:07 713068 Group =, I...

hi,   I've been asked to set this up for some of our users.  I got start before logon to show up no problems but when I try and connect before the windows logon I get the error "anyconnect cannot confirm it is connected to your secure gateway.  the l...

peat by Level 1
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Hi All   We are currently in the process of migrating a number of S2S VPNs from ASA to Firepower. All have been successful, other than one.   The issue with the one that isn't working is the following: -Tunnel forms both phase 1 and 2 -Traffic traver...

Hi All,   I'm trying to create a site-to-site VPN but I can't find IkeV2 on the config terminal,   my router Cisco c2900  Version 15.0(1r)M9 security      securityk9    Permanent     securityk9   Is this router support Ikev2??   Thank you.

wiss by Level 1
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Hi All,   I'm facing the VPN issue with FTD. The VPN tunnels not able to up.   Error Message: Tunnel Manager has failed to establish an L2L SA. All configured IKE versions failed to establish the tunnel. Map Tag= CSM_Outbound_map. Map Sequence Number...

ctohang99 by Level 1
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Hello, I'm observing a strange behavior on the router while VPNed with ASA. I have a simple site-to-site VPN between a router 1921 (remote site) behind NAT and with dynamic public IP address on the modem and 2 ASA5525's in Active-Active configuration...

Hi all,   I hope someone will be able to assist with the Anyconnect VPN issue that I am having at the moment.    I have 2 Cisco routers onsite. One is Cisco C867 and another one is Cisco 887 (old router used for internet and Anyconnect VPN).   The in...

I'm trying to figure out what are acceptable values for the "type" in the following command.  The command reference doesn't list what options are available for "type."  On an ASA, the ? output states that the value can be any "WORD  Profile's type." ...