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We have a DMVPN network one primary 2951 hub just for DMVPN, and an second DMVPN in another state is a backup dmvpn hub. Also have several  Cisco 881's setup a spokes.  the primary hub PH2951 went down this weekend. My 881  which had a DMVPN tunnel d...

dmooreami by Level 3
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What is the significance of the profiles mounted in the running config?  Are they merely just so that they can be downloaded from flash & uploaded in to the anyconnect client app?  Is ASDM the only or best way to create client profiles?   webvpn enab...

Hawk by Level 1
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I have a VPN setup that allows split tunnelling. We currently moved to using Office 365 and Microsoft teams. The issue is when users are connected to VPN the cannot access Teams or Office 365. The theory is that instead of using the tunnel to access ...

On ASA 5506-X, how do we assign each VPN user to a separate VLAN ? Let me explain what we are planning to do a bit more. The connectivity will be ISP <-> Modem <-> ASA 5506-X <-> ESXi VMs A Dell server running ESXi will host several VMs - say VM-...

apem-csco by Level 1
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I had an issue with my Cisco Anyconnect VPN not working, so uninstalled it. I've tried a new install and now I get the message "There is a newer version of the AnyConnect client installed" and it won't tell me install it at all. I've gone through var...

Hi everybody, I'm trying to export an ECDSA certificate with related private key for flexvpn ikev2 in CSR1000V and anyconnect w/certificates but when I type crypto pki export <trustpointname> pkcs12 tftp://ipadd/cert.pfx I've an pkcs12 export error. ...

Good afternoon guys,   I'm relatively new to working with VPN and I've a question regarding S2S VPN and NAT.    I've two ASAs (9.8) and a S2S VPN connecting them both. Behind each ASA (upon the inside) I have networks that I want to SNAT when communi...

TRAN.jpg S2S VPN.jpg VPN2.jpg
mattipler by Level 1
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I have a scenario where I want to push software version updates for the AnyConnect client when the user connects to the ASA, but I do not want to allow initial client installation.  My intent is to force the user to obtain the client from a different...

dtjacob by Level 1
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ASA 5516 setup with multiple site-to-site tunnels all working perfectly.  Setup Remote_VPN and want to have an Admin policy that does split_tunnel and a User policy that routes ALL traffic through the VPN.  Admin VPN works perfectly, but Users does n...

Hi.  We are trying to es establish a new VPN Site to Site from our ASA to OpenCloud (a Cloud from a supplier) and we are having some problems. Phase 1 is completed but in logs the next message is: 5 Oct 04 2018 14:43:07 713068 Group =, I...