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Hi, thereHow can user B use a client certificate which is installed by user A in the local computer personal certificate store?When user A is connecting to VPN without problems on the other hand, user B is trying to connect to VPN receiving the error...

ken_maruu by Level 1
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I currently can do a site to site VPN betweeen two routers, but I need a little help on how to add another site to the config. The remote sites only need to talk to the core router so I shouldn't need GRE, but I am not for sure what is the right way ...

Cisco Secure Client - AnyConnect VPN version 5.0.03076 installed on Windows 10 connecting to a Meraki MX85. The normal connection from the client to the Meraki works fine. We have an openvpn connection for the internal network that has to be made aft...

Dan C by Level 1
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Hi All,I try to find document about multiple IdPs  for ASA because I found some wording in official document of Cisco Site "ASA can support multiple IdPs and has a separate entity ID for each IdP to differentiate them"but in configuration of ASA unde...

jewfcb001 by Level 4
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 Can we pull a list of whitelisted external networks from Cisco ASA ? if yes which option?Please ignore lable 

ddesai by Level 1
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The issue occurs on either Windows 10 or 11, all users are affected. If of anyconnect is installed but hasn’t been used, then 4.10.07073 is installed, you can connect to the VPN with no issue. If you install of anyconnect, use...

Rock29 by Level 1
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We are trying to install a new identity certificate on our shared VPN concentrators; however, we are unable to import it to the ASA.Get the following when trying to import the file:error: import pkcs12 operation failed.Model = ASA5525Software Version...

smsdpk by Level 1
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