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Hi,  We need to establish Site-to-Site IPsec VPN tunnel between two sites. in the first site we will use the ASA 5506-x. What is the software license requirements for the ASA 5506-x? Thanks.

I need to to set up a site to site vpn between two Cisco ASA's. I need mulitple networks from each end to be able to communicate over the vpn connection. My question is, when I set the site-to-site vpn up using the wizard on ASDM, do I simply need t...

hello there. first off all sorry for my language - english is not my native and cisco support section really sucks ( its even worst than huawei support) pls help, i am in desperation. i want to upgrade my asa5505 sofware from 8.2 (1) to 8.2(2). 1. i ...

Are IKEV1 and ISAKMP compatibly policies to create an SA. I have ASAs in the field that have the Crypto Policy ISAKMP running and are actively peering to a FW that has IKEV1 policies . I understand IKE and and its relationship to ISAKMP but if there...

NSutfin by Level 1
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Hi, Does anyone know if you can assign 2 different vpn pools when you set up the cisco anyconnect on the ASA. So for example, the remote contractors connect using pool-1 (access to DMZ) & the home workers connect using pool-2 (access to LAN). All the...

mkazam001 by Level 3
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I have a site-to-site VPN set up between an ASA 5545 and a Meraki MX84. It has been a little unreliable to say the least. At any rate, today the tunnel went down and I tried resetting the peer connection from the ASA, something that has worked in the...

iglablues by Level 1
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Can we use PAT for traffic coming IN from Internet. If so, what would be the syntax as per ASA code 9.5 ? Also, PAT and TWICE NAT are same ?

hi I have a problem with two asa 5545 connected failover, I generate a tunnel ipsec to asa1 (active) and it works correctly, but when the interface outside of asa1 is down, the asa 2 becomes active but the ipsec.tunnel dont goes upi m...

erodrig by Level 1
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I've got a Cisco 1921 router configured for VPN using PPTP. Its high time I get us updated to a more secure solution for our VPN. What is the highest level of security a 1921 can obtain for a client-to-site VPN model? Is it only L2TP/IPsec? I've got ...

tjw by Level 1
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