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Hello,I'm trying made a remote access IPSec VPNs, when I have all the configuration made and try stablish a remote access the software vpn client (cisco) show the next message:"The remote peer is not longer responding"I know where is the problem. Inf...

monter_85 by Level 1
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Hello, I have set up a Site-2-Site VPN-connetcion with an ISA570.The VPN-Tunnel is working, the opposite side can use the connection, but our local network is completely blocked. Not even a ping to the ISA is possible.Can anyone give a hint how to ha...

Our wireless controller user is linked to Active directory. I want to create  two separate groups (eg. Network Admin group and vpn group) in active directory and then I want to give permission to user from Network Admin group to login into Controller...

Hello,We have an ASA that has a 50mb lease line for the internet, we have some site to site VPNs too and there is one in particular that I want to make sure they get 10mbs of throughput shoud lthe internet line get near 50mbs, possible to do this thr...

Hi, I am unable to get my site-to-site vpn working. Not only that but i am unable to get an internet connection through my ASA. I need to use public IP addressing for my local network provided by IPS = subnet mask =

Hi Team, I want to PAT all my local ips with single public ip and route it through IPsec VPN tunnel as local ip range 192.x.x.x series is overlapping with other at remote end,Kindly let me know how it can be done   

ganeshj01 by Level 1
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i have site to site vpn on Cyberoam Firewall (outside), the remote access VPN created on (inside) Firewall ASA ,the issue i cant access site to Site Vpn subnet from remote access VPN   see the design attached   

We are migrating Easy VPN config from 3905 router to ASA5545. We are using ASA Version 9.2(2)4. We created wizard IPsec(IKEv1 Remote Access VPN Wizard). we finish the wizard and test our tactical Kit but unfortunately testing failed. There's an error...

Hi All, I hope someone can help me,i have one ASA5520 with 512m the RAM, i liki put 2G but when I change the RAM  at 2G,the ASA  give the mesage  booting waiting. I waited 30minutes and nothing happens. May 512m works very well, someone has had a sim...

arrimage by Level 1
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Hi, I am new to Anyconnect VPN. maybe my question is a little strange. I would like to know if certificate is required for ALL Anyconnect VPN ? I guess most of them need it. Do you think so ? If so, can I export the certificate from the ASA and then ...

eigrpy by Level 4
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Hi,I have to change the ASA outside public IP, which is providing the SSL VPN Phones service. I don't want to retrieve back all distributed VPN phones back to internal network. Can I set the secondary IP to work out this?