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350 bridge radio problem

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I have a root bridge that every couple of days decides to stop radio communication. radio activity LED is off. A repower or restart will bring radio communication back. Verified WEP,SSID and allowed MAC settings. Upgraded to 12.03T firmware. What would cause the radio to stop communication other than a hardware failure?


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I have the same problem with the BR-350 and AP-350. No apparent cause for the radio shutting down. Reboot fixes it for the short term.

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I have the same situation. Has there been anything that you have done since then to fix it? I am running about 25 clients off of it with light loads. It is upgraded to the latest IOS (15).

Seems to me this is a general fault. I'm also having this problem. My tac case has celibrated his first birthday last week!

Just happened to me again today. If you find a solution, could you post it to this thread? Is there any way we can escalate it?

I am having the same problem with 2 ap 350s. Both are running the latest IOS. Rebooting hasn't helped either one of mine though.

I've had similar problems on a pair of bridges running 12.03T. However, upgrading mine to 12.04 seems to have helped hugely - the release notes for 12.04 do talk about fixes for both non root and root bridges with regards to reassociation. Why Cisco 350 bridges feel the urge to reassociate so frequently is however another question completely...

Advice would be to upgrade to 12.04 and see if it helps. It did with a couple of my bridges.


OK, I'll try 12.04. Hope it works. These things like to go down on my day off!

I upgraded to 12.04. Now, the Association Table shows a question mark to the left of the far end of the link's IP Address. The link seems to be working otherwise. What does that mean?

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