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I am currently completing a research study as part of a BSc degree in Business Information Systems Management at Bournemouth University, UK. The topic of this research study focuses on security within 802.11b wireless LANs.To complete my research stu...

b.ritchie by Beginner
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I saw this from another mailing list. We now have a many AP's installed at our HQ. While the Cisco solution seemed to be the best solution when I started researching; how worried should I be now?Did you see the new posting about the flaws in 802.1X...

l.crowder by Beginner
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Hi,I was trying to get this card to work with freeBSD and talk to my other 802.11b cards (mostly orinoco)Anyways, I couldn't get it to work in infrastructure mode (BSS/AP mode?). If I took infrastructure mode off (peer to peer/ad hoc?) I could ping ...

bobbyc by Beginner
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I have a client that has a WAN with both 340 and 350's. The problem is, the wireless cards they have are not WEP enabled. Is there a way to still have a secured WLAN, maybe a third party software or device. They run IP, IPX, and Appletalk.

Scott Fella by Hall of Fame Guru
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We have Cisco 340 and 350 AP's installed in our plant. We aren't having any complaints, but while doing a site survey I noticed that the signal strenght is high but the signal quality is low. Is there something to be concerned about and if so what c...

rx33328 by Beginner
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Does anyone know where I can get a good description of how DSSS works compared to FHSS? I would like to be able explain it ways that my wife could potencially understand how it works ? All the information that I've read is a little difficult to expla...

GW M by Beginner
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We have a site that is purchasing an AP350 and would like to have Apple IMAC Airport cards access the unit. Does anyone out there have any knowledge using this configuration and are there any gotcha's to look out for. Thanks

tschmier by Beginner
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I'm testing Aironet 350 AP for an italian company.In particular I'm checking the wireless NICs authentication with the AP using a radius server.In the first step we created a user database with username/password resident on the radius server (Cisco S...

luponec by Beginner
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Is there any way to have the Base Station Connection Status manually start (instead of automatically)?Symptoms: When laptop is away from base station and wireless card is removed, the BSCS starts up (Windows system tray) and tries to connect ... irri...

cyee by Beginner
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