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5508 WLC management

I have a 5508 deployed, what I'm trying to do is configure it so that it can be accessed with AD credentials, I'm not talking about accessing the wifi network, I'm talking about logging onto the controller itself for management purposes. We havea  fe...

Port triggering at WRV210

     Trigger port not working at my WRV210.The task: provide RDP from internet to computer behind WRV210. Port of RDP :3389.If I making just forwarding rule outbound 3389 -->  inbound 3389  - RDP is working fine,  As only Im making triggering rule 43...

Non Cisco APs on CAPWAP Cisco WLC

HiDo the Cisco WLC running CAPWAP support third party APs-ruckus,aruba etc?Though CAPWAP is an IETF standard and products supporting it should interoperate ,seek to know if Cisco WLCs support the same and would TAC support the sameRgdsSumesh

wlc 5508 global multicast mode

Hello everyone !! I am using WLC 5508 version 7.0 facing issue while ebabling global multicast mode .client machine stops DNS resolution after some time once we enable glabal multicast mode on WLC .websites are opening with IPs but not with DNS names...

Resolved! new ap's in cisco wcs

Hi, I have added few new access points to our wireless network. We have an existing WCS.what steps are required to add the new access points on the wcs so the maps reflect the new ones.Thanks in advance.

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! NCS - Disk volume 'optvol' more than 65%

We are now getting the optvol error messages on our new 1.2 NCS Prime installation.  I have read most of the discussions about this issue.  One discussion mentioned shutting down NCS, adding a new virtual disk to the vm, and then turning on NCS.  We ...

Re authentication 802.1x with WLC

hi, fellows,I am facing an issue with 802.1x configured on Cisco WLC+ APs, we have implemented NAC solution but what happens that clients get automatically re authenticate after random times and face automatic connect/disconnect, is there any setting...

Resolved! Duplicated IP error on some clients

Hello,  Dear All.We have typical deployment with WLC550x ( and 16 APs (AIR-LAP1242G-E-K9) placed on same site. WLC connected to 3560 (with LAG , and dhcp relay)  , and all wireless clients( Motorolla MC3100 handled PC ) work with same WPA2-...

NMSP Connection alarms in WCS

After a crash of a MSE last week we have 8 critical alarms i Cisco WCS. One for each WiSM IPNMSP Connection Status: INACTIVE, Controller IP: <IP>The alarm is created the same time as the MSE crash.The "NMSP Connection Status" show ACTIVE and the trac...

sin by Beginner
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Resolved! AP profile information

Dear All,wanna ask a nubie question in herecould anyone explain to me what is this attached picture tell about? (sorry for not displaying the picture on this message body because of something happen with the "insert image" menu)andwhat are the blue a...

Resolved! Cisco 3502i AP Properties question?

Devices Used;WLC = 5508AP - 3502IWindows Clients = Windows 7We are using WP2/AES for encryption and 802.1x for key management for our WLAN.  The question I have is, when I look at one of the client's properties through the WLC 5508,  then look at the...

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