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WLC 2125 Rebooting

Hi guys, we are having some trouble with a WLC 2125 with only 6 APs, but like 40 clients trying to associate.Version: issue here is that the WLC reboots every 6 or 8 hours for no apparent reason. CPU is always at 0% - 1% and mem usage is...

AP 1242AG Radio problem

Hi everybodyI'm facing a strange problem with 3 1242AG APs, autonomous IOS.I'm trying to configure one of them as Root Bridge with clients and the other two as Non-Root Bridge with clients. The issue: as soon as I set the radio (G or A, the behaviour...

Changing Tx power on LAP521

I have 5 LAP521 APs configured with a WLC526 controller and checking the Tx power on the APs from CCA I can see that it's currently at 1 (with a note saying this is a global assignment). How do I change the Tx power setting of either individual AP or...

nielsen.c by Beginner
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Resolved! E-Plane & H-Plane Antenna Pattern

Hi All.Could someone enlighten me about E-Plane & H-Plane characteristics of antennas? How to know where is E-plane 0deg, 90deg, 180deg & 270deg? Say i mount AP with antenna directing downwards?How to know where is H-plane 0deg, 90deg, 180deg & 270de...

tapanglf by Beginner
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Clients loose connection

Hi guys,I have a wireless network that is driving me crazy. I have to connect two buildings. The main building (in blue) has a server that I need to contact using PDAs from another building (in orange). Since I need PDAs to work also in the 150mt of ...

Certifictae for Controller

Is there a way to download the certificate for the controller so internet explorer will not continue to give the annoying message that the certificate is from an untrusted source?

nshoe18 by Beginner
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VoIP and wireless connectivity

helloi have two sites connected by wireless bridges 1300s (4kilometer)in the main office we deployed IP telephony system(cisco) i wanna use Ip phones in the remote site for 30 users can i connected all 30 phones from remote office by wireless to call...

Single Sig On

I have been looking into single sign on (SSO)and need some guidance if anyone can help as I am finding it more confusing the more I look at it.Windows XP does not support SSOWindows Vista supports SSOI can use the CSSC as a suplicant to enable SSO in...

wynneit by Beginner
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DHCP Server Assignment - Aironet 1130AG

I am attempting to configure a Cisco Aironet 1130AG to use a Windows Server 2003 DHCP server for assigning addresses to clients connecting to the access point. Does anyone know how to set this option? I cannot find it anywhere.Any help will be grea...

Platinum QoS profile limits data traffic

Hello,I have WLC which controls a WLAN that hosts data traffic and VoIP traffic.I have enabled Platinum QoS profile and the throughput of the WLAN decreases to approximately 10 Mbps (With bronze QoS profile throughput was like 22~25 Mbps).I would lik...

Wireless all in one management

Hi experts,I've been looking for a software to manage/monitor our wireless lan. We only have less 10 ap so I don't think software like the Cisco Wireless Control System is applicable? or it is the only one out there? I was looking to install it on a ...

redrobish by Beginner
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