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Hi guys,I have a problem here with many laptops unable to join my guest Wifi network.Strangely mobile phones all work ok.Unable to pinpoint which model of laptops as they are random. I tried with Thinkpad and it works but not on Surface Pro.How do I ...

Jagan1976 by Level 1
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I'm hoping someone can help me here, as I've been banging my head against a brick wall for well over a week on this now! A bit of background... We have an old vWLC in VMware and are moving across to a new vWLC in Hyper-VOld deployment: d...

Hi all, I was going through the Cisco access point portfolio looking for the most suitable access point in a cold (-26C) environment. The building is a warehouse with frozen stuff, about 15m high (45') There a are a few options:1. Indoor AP in a spec...

I have several cisco AP1562i AP's one of them is also acting as a AP and as the WLC for al the AP's.  They are all running and I wanted to know how would I go about trying to upgrade them all. I read that I would need to upgrade the WLC, th...

Hi All, I am currently running Cisco 2800 ME version and have 4 AIR-AP2802I-E-K9 in the environment. Since the setup has been installed we have regular reports of clients disconnecting and when they reconnect everything is fine.  The AP's a...

Robbie2 by Level 1
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Hello, I have Cisco Aironet 1852e with Cisco Mobility Express and I have a problem with this AP in my network.In my network I have 2 aironet 1850e series access points connected and when connecting the new one it is looking for a connection to one of...

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-14 at 12.04.52.jpeg
GMaluenda by Level 1
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Hi all, With all due respect I would like to ask  I have this topology  I connect by using ssid that has been set on the WLC but I am not able to get the dhcp IP for wlan user vlan 272 and 288  any suggestion would be appricated so much  thank you 


Hello community,I have a topology as below and I face an issue that AP cannot see vWLC. Could anyone can help to show me what I am doing wrong? All configuration and issue detail I describe in the picture below. Thank you

vWLC issue.jpg
Tien Ngo by Level 1
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