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Hi all,  I am going to buy 300 AP3802E and 10 controller CT3504 for 10 branches. I will deploy each controller to manage 10 AP or 30 AP or 50 AP depends the size of each branches. All controllers will run standalone.  So, could you know how the licen...

khang2711 by Level 1
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Hello,   We got existing 2504 and new 2 X 3504 controllers.   is it possible to AP fail-over from 3504 to 2504 ?, what if 2504 in HA AP SSO mode ?. is it possible for N+1 redundancy between 3504 and 2504 ?. is it possible without converting 2504 to H...

saleem pc by Level 1
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I have a single AP running mobility express . I configured a second SSID for Guest access. After rebooting the AP I can still access the 1st SSID I was using but the 2nd SSID is not broadcasting. I have verified it is configured to broadcas...

sariel by Level 1
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Hello,   I have one question about CDP for AP. Is this protocol mandatory for AP interface (switch side) ?   I just see cdp is needed for some features as "Port Tracing" for Prime or WLC.   But do we need really cdp for AP (POE or others) ?   Best re...

jean1 by Level 1
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Hello, is cisco wlc 3504 compatible with 1832I? because I have already check cisco 1830 data sheet and above mentioned wlc is not there, please check attachment or link below.    https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/wireless/aironet-183...

image.png image.png
Jaro by Level 1
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Hello Cisco WLAN-experts,    we recently applied the following to our Prime:   Prime Infrastructure 3.2.2 Maintenance Release file name PI_3_2_2-1.0.13.ubf   Now we suffer from Long Response times regarding the map application. The heat maps take sev...

There is one switch in Cisco  Prime. But when user try deleting the device from the prime, it is not getting deleted. Getting the below error : "Delete Device(s) Failed:  Please see ifm_inventory.log to get initial information. Please contact system ...

BhaskarDS by Level 1
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Hi, Is it possible to deploy one controller for a company that has branches? Deploy it at the head Office provision the AP's then place those AP's at branches but manage them using one controller at the head office? If yes what should be configured? 

Hi,   I am a first time installer I have installed my wireless controller and it is visible on the network but the APs are not visible on the controller what should I do. When i Console into the AP it gives me Some error msg    Please see the attache...

Hi all The latest WLC releases ( and state that they follow the new ETSI 301 893 regulation. I have read now into this document (a little), download: http://www.etsi.org/deliver/etsi_en/301800_301899/301893/02.01.01_60/en_301893v0...

patoberli by VIP Alumni
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Hello   I have a problem with connecting one client with static ip to the wlan. DHCP require is disable, passive client is disable. Wlc cannot obtain client ip address:   *Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_0: Jun 18 14:15:39.962: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx DHCP_REQD (...

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