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Resolved! logging suppress in ios-xr 7.4.1

Hi, I hit the bug: CSCvz31771 and try to suppress the log messages:0/0/ADMIN0:Jan 26 08:58:52.735 CET: envmon[3010]: %PKT_INFRA-FM-4-FAULT_MINOR : ALARM_MINOR :high voltage alarm :DECLARE :0/0: P1V0_BV_VDD_TPS_VOUT J2C Unfortunately I can not suppres...

NCS5k SMU arm vs x86

Hi All, quick question to clarify - the SMU tar often have x86 as well as arm rpm files If I understand correctly the difference between them is based on architecture in use. Do I need to add/install/activate both x86 and arm, or do I need one or the...

Diagnosing Packet Loss on ASR9K

Hi, An end customer has a voip setup and has noticed some very intermittent and occasional packet loss on an IP belonging to us. I cannot see any issues on the interface level but would need some assistance interpreting the results of the NP and fabr...

alpha76 by Beginner
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Power module redundancy on ASR9910 platform

Hello,does anybody know which kind of redundancy we have on ASR9910 with AC power modules? According to the data sheet it is N+N for AC. According to a "admin show environment power" it is "Total output power capacity (N + 1) : 6000W + 6000W". So wha...

mw79 by Beginner
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Hi Guys, Does anyone now how on ASR9902 we can test e-line end-to-end connectivity ?For example, we have 2 ASR9902 that are PE router connected on a MPLS SR backbonne.I configure an EVPN VPWS between this two ASR for a customer to supply a point-to-p...

oeche by Beginner
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