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Hello,I just upgraded to ACI 4.2(4o) and got a critical alert "intersight proxy not configured" flashing permanently.By Clicking on "View more" there is: "Configure Intersight Proxy to use the Network Insights – Base application for free."The Network...

script a below:from acitoolkit.acitoolkit import Sessionfrom acitoolkit.aciphysobject import Nodeurl =''user ='admin'PASSWORD ='admin'session=Session(url, user, PASSWORD)print(session)if session.login().ok:print("sucess")else:print("...

Pradip by Level 1
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Hi ACI fans,in the qosClass configuration (qosInstPol: uni/infra/qosinst-default) there is the qosClass configuration.In the 4.x GUI it's under Fabric > Access Policies > Policies > Global > QoS Class.Each QoS class (Level 1 - 6) can be enabled or di...

Hello,I have "ACI Essential SW license for a 10/25/40G+ Nexus 9K Leaf (ACI-ES-XF)". I have a question: Does this license supports the usage of all 48 ports without any additional license on switch LEAF 93180YC-EX?Thanks for your response. note :  I h...

Dears, If I have two DCs with two fabrics in each fabric there is two EPG with VNID 10000 and another one with VNID 20000 (maybe EPG VNID 10000 for VDI users and EPG VNID 20000 for Application) and we create Contract between them. in DR DC has same w...