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Is it possible to add a new spine into the existing fabric even if the spine is not conected to all leaves? I know this is not a valid design but I'd like to know if this works. Is there a document which describes ACI behaviour when some cables are n...

p.hruby by Level 1
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Hello All - Configuring L3-OUT, so I have two questions. Can you help me, please 1) I wanted to advertise BD subnet to External Router using L3OUT, typically we enable "Advertised Externally" option under BD. I learned in one of the Cisco session is,...

Hello,I have a campus network with Distribution layer (one stack) and access layer ( multiple stacks ).I want the hosts in the campus network to access the servers in the aci datacenter.I would like to discuss the way to interconnect the 2 networks.M...

taytibob by Level 1
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Hello, Why my EPG "Apache" from my Tenant PROD cannot communicate with my L3 OUT (RO) configured in my Tenant common ? My EPG provide PING/HTTP contract (global shared) and my EN_L3_OUT consume it (consumed contract interface because its a import fro...

Chris010 by Level 1
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