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Hi,I need to deploy waas WAE7371 in vrf environment. I have 2 sites, each one have 6500 router as a CE\PE with multiple vrf. the wan interface is mpls enabled. i need to deploy the WAE-7371 in only one VRF, let say VRF netapp which is bounded to inte...

hey all , I would really like if someone could help me with the stats that the cisco devices provide through SNMP . Pls dont rpovide a MIB . a doc, pdf would really help . Require for Virtual Server, Server farm, Real server, DNS Rule, Answer Group a...

Resolved! Configuring IP SLA

Hi All.I am having two sites, at one site the ISP is terminated on 2900 Router and at one site ISP is terminated on 3500 L3 Switch. Now need to configure the IP SLA on this. In the current setup I am having two 2900 routers at one location and 3500 L...

Roger B by Level 1
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Dear All Experties,We are using a Cisco Content engine 7325 as a proxy server.recently we brough WAE-674 as a replacement of these old content engine.After turn on WAE-674,Blue screen pop up on moniter.I am not able to access anything with GUI as wel...

Hello Guys,We are having a connectivity issue on two contexts on our cisco ace 4710 (routed mode).We arent unable to start a communication (Ping/telnet and etc) between two server in differents vlans on the same contexts... however  it is possible to...

leozin8585 by Level 1
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Hi WAAS Experts,I have a query, when I issue the 'Force group Settings' command what effect will this have on existing flows? Do I need to disable WCCP prior to issuing this command on the affected WAE's?Thanks,Shankar K

Shankar K by Cisco Employee
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Hi,I configured a new serverfarm with leastconns predictor for two servers on our ACE module Version A2(2.3). Probes (show probes XX detail) to the servers are successful and both servers are operational (show serverfarm APPLI detail) but connections...

Hi everyoneWe have a Problem with the default inactivity timeout values on our ACE A4. A Web-Service of ours takes up to 12 Minutes for creating its reports. But after 300 secs, the ACE kills the connection and sends a Reset to Server and Client, due...