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Can someone explain the difference between the two debug netdr  commands. SUP 720122-33.SXH5NJSE-425M-1-WAN1#debug netdr ?  capture        Capture packets into a buffer to show later  clear-capture  Clear the capture buffer (leaves filters as was)SUP... by Beginner
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Hi,I'm currently running Cacti v0.8.7b with my ace running the A3(2.5) build. I can get some graphs like the CPU usage and the inbound/outbound traffic.I was wondering if anyone got working templates for Vservers and Rservers current/total connection...

We are currently having an issue with our CSS packets. I have a single CSS (11503) that redirects web traffic between two servers for PeopleSoft and WebLogic configurations. We are receiving socket errors on the WebLogic side that the servers are t...

Hi,Please help. I have an issue with the CSS 11503.After performing maintenance job on the Cisco core switch, where CSS's interfaces are connected to, both CSS (master and standby) were not able to detect the the servers in the network. Even though a...

gerrylim by Beginner
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Hi, I have a waas deployment.  I have a WAE512 as Manager, and other as accelerator (working in in-line mode) in the central site.In the remote office, i have a 2811 ISR with a NME-WAE-502 (with wccp mode). From the Manager, i can see the 2 WAE's (WA...

tona_2008 by Beginner
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I am new to the Ace module world and have configured what I feel is a working configuration for load balancing, as its working, but the question I have is How does one use the GUI interface I have chnaged the www user password but all I see is a scre...

davidmoody by Beginner
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Hello, i have a problem with a data transfer between a Windows client and a NetApp across two WAAS systems. However this problem happens only in one direction and only for first-time transmission of a file.But this first (optimized) transmission take...

arummer by Beginner
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