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I'm trying to copy a cert/key combo from an active context to the standby (which is in standby_cold), and I'm getting this error:Error: Error in reading a local temporary file.I'm using the command: crypto import terminal can't res...

Dear experts, I have to configure two ACE 4710 in high availability. The customer pak includes:ACE-4710-BAS-2PAK 2 Units of ACE 4710 Hardware-1Gbps-1K SSL-100MbpsComp-5VCACE-AP-SW-3.2ACE-AP-BAS-LICThis is my first time working with ACE, my experience...

carl.arce by Beginner
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I am having a redirect/rewrite problem with my ACE module. When the user types in and accepts the cert, I need the ace to add the following path to the url.../citrix/accessplatform/auth/login.aspx. That part works, but the page is...

mcroberts by Beginner
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I knew FT only work with pair of ACE hardware.I have this design where there site A Data center and site B as Disaster Recovery. Both sites each have 2 units of ACE. The internal server farm VLAN as extended from DC to DRC, it mean L2 LAN is extended...

tckoon by Beginner
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new to ace just purchased a new blade, could somebody advise on deployment in routed and single arm mode. if a client connects to the vip can the traffic route back out the vip interface to the servers. we have a dmz were we want to deploy a vip, onc...

Hi I'm very new to the ACE module and need some ideas on a problem we had a few days ago. We have an ACE in a 6506 that stopped passing Internet Traffic for a period of time. It was reloaded twice but only after the second reload did it bust into lif...