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Hi, I have a DNAC Server gen 2, configuration with 2 SDA Fabric Site. I managed about 215 Devices (included Fusion Router, Border Switch, Intermediary Switch, Edge Switch, WLC and AP). I doing a full backup but size is so big (~ 213 GB), backup progr...

dimdim12 by Level 1
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For some reason one of our pair of WLC 9800 will not accept DNAC-CA certificate.A sync or push of telemetry from DNA fails. All our other devices are fine.If we try a CLI import of the certificate we get this:Trustpoint 'DNAC-CA' is a subordinate CA....

glsparks by Level 1
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Hi all,i get a cisco switch, model WS-C3850-24P, and when i'm looking for a OS/firmware update i have to chose between:Catalyst 3850-24P-E SwitchCatalyst 3850-24P-L SwitchCatalyst 3850-24P-S Switch but with show version i get just only "WS-C3850-24P"...

QT76 by Level 1
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Hello everyone.  I'm very new to DNAC or Catalyst Center.  I've setup a project with a template to add a simple configuration to switches.  It currently has been in progress for 10 days and hasn't made a change to a switch yet.  I'd like to cancel th...

Gricel by Level 1
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Hi Everyone,Just want to know if someone answer my query regarding a failover scenario. Catalyst center has three sites i.e. Main site, Recovery site and Witness site.When the Main site is down, Witness detects that the Main site is down and shifts t...

M Talha by Level 1
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Where do i find the complete guide on my switch?This is the model number WS-C2960X-48FPS-L.The software version is c2960x-universalk9-mz.152-2.E3What I'm looking to do is limit how much bandwidth is allowed on an interface. The network at that site o...

Hi. I was wondering if you could help me with a query I have regarding the new version of DNA And it is that, since I updated to this new version in a DNA in production, in the inventory part it shows me a new column of "EoX Status” If I pu...

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DNAC Installed Version: Catalyst 9800-80 17.9.4aAXE 9120i, 9130We have about 10 employees in our office using DNAC at varying role assignment levels.I am Super-Administrator and handle most of the the WIFI related tasks. Of all the...

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jtpntx by Level 1
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