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Good day, I have a Cisco 2504 Wireless Controller which is currently running software version In order to manage a newer AIR-AP1832I-E-K9 access point I require software versions or above. Could anyone perhaps assist me with a cop...

kotze101 by Beginner
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Hi team,A customer has expired the TMC license since September and he wants to activate it again but from January 1st 2022 ("due to budget problems"). Is this possible? or when the licenses are activated they would remain with the date of September, ...

gcorrea by Beginner
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Hello,vpncli.exe, -s, .txt, 2FA, SMSI have issue with setup a .txt file for vpncli.exe -s command. Connection using 2FA SMS and I don’t know how to stop executing commands and let users type in SMS code (second password). Using this with another conn...

Hello all, I have a question related to the command after I consulted:  "ipv6 nd ns-interval".On the internet I found that the interval can be 0 to 3...

corina.dv by Beginner
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Hello everyone. Just wondering if anyone knows if the ASA IOS and Firepower image is on the roadmap to be updated to a newer IOS? Seems like the SFR has been only compatible with ASA 9.9.2 for awhile now. I am just looking for some features in newer ...

Chaz by Beginner
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