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Agent Keeps Going Not Ready


I have an agent that when he signs in via the desktop agent or through IP services every time a call is routed to him through the queue it goes to not ready. I see the agent go into reserved then not ready and the call is then put back in the queue and handled by someone else.

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since the queues used for the agent work for other agents, perhaps you can either completely delete the agent in question and recreate.

or, what i find useful with these weird symptoms is to remove the agent from all skillGroups then save the configuration. then add the agent back to all applicable skillGroups and test a call again.

I suspect if you look at the ICM logs you will see that the call delivery failed as the device was not available.

Can you make a call directly to this user? if you can't I'd figure out why as this is the cause of the problem. The same problem will also occur if they are sat a desk A and have put desk B's phone into CAD/CTIOS as thier ext.


You need to verify that for the subject Agent and the IPPHONE the person is using that you have a Device Target built as well as its got the proper config of Labels . Labels/DT's are HOW the ICM delievers the call to the Agents Station. It will not tell you it doesn't have the and will still Set the Agent reserve and then the Call will fail. You can confirm this by watching your Router Log View (aw) when yo attempt to queue a Call to any of these problem agents. You will see an error regarding NO Default Route or Valid Label for Agent XXXXXX or so on.

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If you are using partitions and Calling Search spaces in CallManager, you would check if CTI Route Points, CTI Ports and agent extensions are reachable, i.e., it is possible that CallManager or IP/IVR tries to transfer the call to the agent, but the Partitions/Calling Search Spaces configuration don?t allow that transfer.

Sometime has happened to me.

Hope this helps,

Juan Luis



Did you ever figure out what was happening? I'm having the same problem.



Patrik Englund

1. Could it be that the phone that the affected agent using is call forwarded to another extension?

2. Could it be someone else logged on to that extension from another agent or vice versa?


Make sure in your scripts you "Set Contact Info (--Triggering Contact --, handled) in every place where the script can terminate.


I had a similar issue. The problem was on the Automatic Available, it was set to "Disabled". It needs to be Enabled.

In CCX go to Subsystems-> RmCm-> Resources (find Agent). Under Automatic Available click Enabled.

Unfortunately your understanding about the issue is not correct. Here the issue was that agent is in Ready State, call comes in to him/her and sets to Reserved state but never goes to Talking as agent is not able to answer the call and infact straight away goes to Not ready after Reserved state. Hence the flow is like Ready >> Reserved >> Not Ready. In your case, agent must be going in Ready >> Reserved >> Talking >> Not Ready that you fixed be enabling Automatic Available at resource level.

For the Ready >> Reserved >> Not ready issue it is actually a problem with CSS and partition. CTI ports do not containa CSS that has access to agent's partition.



Thanks for the clarification. I missed understood the issue. 

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