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UCCX Callback Script


Hi Guys

I need some assistance with building a callback script for UCCX. I tried searching the forum but was unable to find one.

Here are my platform versions:

- UCCX 8.5

- NO Outbound Dialer ( Is it possible to build a callback app using place call & toher constructs in the Premium license without Outbound? )

Let me know if anyone has a similar script or can point me in the right direction.



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Steven Griffin


I don't know of any callback scripts out there in the wild.  While I have done these kind of scripts before, and I suspect many of the other contributors have as well, I am bound by various NDA's and such that prevent me from sharing my work.

That said I can offer some advice that might point you, and perhaps others in the community, in the right direction should you decide to attempt this yourself.

The three most common callback script requests I see are:

  • Customer satisfaction survey after call ends
  • Callback when queue times are lower
  • Hold place in queue and call back when agent is reserved

While all three of these seem similar in approach in my experience they have very different implementations.  Largely they depend on the following:

  • Business requirements of the contact center
  • Business processes in use by the contact center
  • External data sources they use to query and qualify customer contacts (ex. VIP treatment)
  • Reporting requirements

I humbly suggest the following approach:

  1. Diagram out using MS Visio the expected behavior your callback script and try to plan for:
    • External database, if used, loss of connection or bad data
    • Preventing the script from exceeding the maximum step count
    • Memory leaks if using custom java objects
  2. Take the time to understand how your approach will affect
    • Reporting (This is important! I highly suggest asking yourself, "How does my approach affect reporting?")
    • UCCX engine tasks and memory
    • Backend databases (connections/sec, query time)
  3. Review it with the business leaders of the contact center
    •     Review the call flow behavior
    •     Ensure they understand the reporting implications as any callback script will influence UCCX reporting in some way

Only after you've done this and have reached and understanding with the contact center managers should you attempt to build the script.

Good luck.


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Will the references to the "message" queue and the "callback" queue for UCCX 7.0 as noted in the url links below work for UCCX 8.5 is my question.

Cisco has a repository of sample UCCX scripts (*.aef), of which I used the BaseLineAdvQueuing.aef with the BaseLineMessagingCallback.aef.

See url:

I found the enclosed document: Cisco Script Adv Queuing.doc most helpful.

As for licensing, I can't find any detail specific to the license required for this UCCX "callback" feature.  I see the call flows are incoming (referencing Cisco Script Adv Queuing.doc) with the master .aef using the "call redirect" function of the *.aef script.  So it's not clear if the Outbound licensing is required for UCCX or IP IVR when using ICM.

I'm also looking for a sample on how to program this same "callback" queue feature with Cisco UCCE with IPIVR using ICM version 7.5 (IPIVR is version 7.0).

Hi Steven, thanks so much for your post.  Can you confirm that with UCCX 8, it is possible to generate a script that places a caller in queue and calls him/her back when the the agent is available (or reserved)?  Without explaining how... I'm just looking for confirmation that it's possible with UCCX 8.5... thanks so much!

Hi Jan

Yes, it's possible. It's not particularly slick or easy to implement though.


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Hi - I am having an interesting issue with my call back script. I have deployed the sample Callback script form the Cisco Script Repository. Everything works fine until the agents answers a callback queued call. Agent does not hear the prompt to listen to the callback message but if presses option key 1 it plays the recorded message and hitting option key 2 dials out to the callers number. Dialog group and control group are set as well. In this step agent can only listen to the caller recorded prompt but not any greetings or menu prompts. 

UCCX version is 9.1

Will appreciate any help here.


HI All,

i have implemented a callback script  but i have an issue.

When the callers schedule a call back, the scripts skips to the unsuccessful substep of the redirect step and the call fails but when i redirect to an internal extension, the call succeeds.

What i want to know is whether this statement from Mann applies to the redirect step.

- NO Outbound Dialer ( Is it possible to build a callback app using  place call & toher constructs in the Premium license without  Outbound? )

I have Premium license with Outbound Preview license only.

I have also attached the MIVR logs.

Any help please.


First things first, you do not need Premium nor Outbound to have a callback feature provided to your customers.

Secondly, your log file should be in a plain text format, not rich text, and you should give some context to the call in question.  I.e., Calling Number, Called Number, Date/Time, etc.

Third, at no time in a callback feature do you need to perform a Call Redirect.  Did you mean to say Place Call?  If so, then I would suggest starting from two blank scripts, with to new triggers, and applications, and then try to have one script call the other script.  Start small, and validate the basics first, then add to it.

Anthony Holloway

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I know its a long time ago, but were you ever able to solve this issue?  I now have it on 11.5

But the script is basically still the same.

Thomas G. Johannesen

Hey Pieter


Please look at this post :


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