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  Someone could mention the subject line character limitation needs to be expanded. 50 chars is not much to work with!  Is it possible to make SUBJECT Line to make , use system and job variables to make the information dynamic , Right now there is a ...

HiTES is clearly developed in US/UK, with the AM/PM format for defining and showing the time. My question is: Will there be and "international" version, where the time-value will be shown in hh:mm (ex: 23:58) ???regards Jan

Jan Vinter by Beginner
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Hi I have a question about Terminal adapter. My current aim is to create process "Execute script through ssh on remote Linux system" with  input parameters ( login, path to private key, path to script) It was very helpful to find this discussion http...

                   I have created a new user under the organisational unit. Created a new service and assigned that particular user to approve or reject a service. But under my services authorisation tab,created service is not getting displayed to ap...

pnisha by Beginner
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Hi I m getting this error "The operation that you performed is in progress. Can not proceed with another task" while submitting an order from a service form. How to get rid of it. Even I restarted the JBoss. Also I could not able too see any un-submi...

shabalas by Cisco Employee
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Hi, I'm coming up to speed on the REST API documented in "Cisco Service Portal Integration Guide".  While working through some sample requests to get a feel for things I came across an issue fetching a catagory by name.The guide has this sample in fo...

devmandan by Beginner
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We upgraded our unix agent from to now all our tidal SFTP jobs are failing with error below:Error : The host signature is invalid or the host key was not accepted!We have backed out upgrade and now SFTP's are working fine.Is there a...

Resolved! VDC in CIAC 3.1

Hi all.How does one create a VDC in Cisco IAC 3.1 ? It is under the options a user can request at the "Order Cloud Services" tab but when trying to request it, the network dropdow menus are empty. Why are those dropdown menus for the networks empty w...

Hi,   I have the following questions on CPO web services1. How do we create a web service and the wsdl file? 2. How to use SOAPUI to validate the SOAP call is happening correctly  / not ? If there are any trainings available related to my questions p...

swaupadh by Beginner
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