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How to enable Filter on SIP debugs for specific IP address


Hi Team,

I would like to know how to work on filters while debugging SIP calls.

e.g. i get ton of calls on my Cisco CUBE. From multiples sites.

I can differentiate sites with IP Address (remote CUBES) or from particular range of caller IDs (FROM)?

How can i run debug on my router so that only SIP calls from one particular remote is logged and not other calls?


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Abhay Singh Reyal

Hope this would help



Abhay Singh Reyal
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its not working..

call filter match-list 1 voice
incoming called-number <number>

outgoing called-number <number>

debug condition match-list 1 exact-match
debug ccsip messages

show debug <shows filter is on>

but show log is showing all SIP calls.

I want to see only specific call mentioned in Filter :(

I have same issue. All Debug is shown despite filter applied and condition. Did you get this resolved?

Have the same issue. Filter works in ccsip calls debug, but doesn't work in ccsip messages with any match-list options.

What IOS are you using? I remember this feature having a bug in version 15.2M

I use 15.3(2)T

Old thread but did this ever get sorted?

I'm testing this on isr4400-universalk9.16.09.05.SPA.bin and "debug ccsip messages" is still showing all messages including Options Ping that have nothing to do with the filter I'm using

"debug ccsip calls" does not show anything at all even though I'm using incoming/outgoing called-number correctly. I've tried using exact match & partial match too

Notepad++ and filtering by CallID still looks like the far superior option unless this works with debug ccsip messages

Seen other post about this, apparently filter doesn’t work for ccsip messages.

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Per this document its should be able to get filter to work with ccsip messages, However I have never succeeded in getting this to work so I doubt the accuracy of this document.

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Well that's two of us :-) It defintely does not work with ccsio messages so that doc is wrong - I really wish it wasn't would be soooooooo very handy!!!

Here's another ccie collab annoyed by this. I remember I have tried this several times... no luck. I never seen this working.

This last time on Everest: 16.6.4

I was hoping to have better results to report but experiencing the same treatment on a 4431 and IOS-XE 17.7.1a.  The filter doesn't seem to be acknowledged (exact or partial) with debug ccsip messages though show debug is reporting the match-list is applied.

CCSIP SPI: SIP Call Statistics tracing is enabled       (filter is ON)

This would be really beneficial for production environments if it worked...well, off to notepad++ and call-id.

***edit: Trudging back down the notepad++ road I figured there had to be a better way...not that I mind a good sip trace on a winters day but I need to address an issue and not mess with IOS filters or notepad++ bookmarks and regex searches.  Starting to parse the CUBE debug output with python i had remembered the TranslatorX tool.  I had used this in the past but more for CUCM RTMT traces and logs, to my surprise it can also consume the CUBE ccsip messages debugs.  There are some nice features like generating filters from a call list, generate diagram that will give you a wireshark-esque ladder call flow.  @rchaseling you can toggle the REGISTER/OPTIONS/SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY/PUBLISH messages with a check box.  This doesn't really address the purpose of this thread and the IOS debug filters, but if you don't want to re-invent the wheel TranslatorX is where I ended up...hopefully it helps someone.


Yes i use TranslatorX alot alright  but quite often a lot of my troubleshooting is live debugging as opposed historical. I've worked with some Linux based SBCs and they have tools that can do this ....or you can even use grep to achieve good results. As we all agree its just a shame that the above just doesn't do what it says on the tin

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