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Ask the Expert: Enterprise IPv6 Deployment

            With Chip Nielsen Welcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to learn and ask questions about deploying IPv6 in an enterprise environment with expert Chip Nielsen.IPv6 is the latest revision...

OSPFv3 IPv6 and Route Tagging

Hi,Has anybody figured out how to tag a ipv6 route when its originated under the interface as follows... I'm on a Cisco ASA running 9.1.interface Port-channel1.500description Testvlan 100nameif Testsecurity-level 5ip address x.x.x.1 standby x.x.x.x2i...

Resolved! NTPv4 IPv6 not responding. IPv4 okay.

I'm running 122-33.SXJ6 where I want the router to act as a ntp server for both IPv4/IPv6.  Using a dual stack 6.4 linux client I'm successfully able to ntpdate -q v4_gateway no problem, but when querying the v6_gateway I end up,server fd2b:4deb:4259...

IPv4 to IPv6 transition in an Enterprise

Hi all,My organization was planning IPv4 to IPv6 transition of the complete network. These are some details of the the connectivity used. (Also see the attached WAN diagram )1. Site A, Site B and Site C are connected using MPLS VPN from two different...

irfan1729 by Beginner
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CME with IPv6 configuration

Hi everyone,Could anybody in here please post a working CME configuration for VoIPv6 only? I was just wondering what are the commands that would replace commands to point to TFTP server like 'option 150 ip xxxx.xxxx.xxxx' and other new commands under...

Ipv6 Default route bgp

Hi,I am reciving a default route on bgp over ipv6 by my service provider. I want to control to only recive the default route, but when I ask for full table I recived all the routes, I don't know how to control the prefix to only recived the default r...

Juan Barco by Beginner
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Resolved! IPv6 Site-to-site : Version 15.2(4)M4

Hi, I'm trying to set up an IPv6 tunnel. I use IOS Version 15.2 (4) M4 on a Cisco 881 router. I set up 3 different IPv6 networks :Here is the configuration of my router R1 :ipv6 unicast-routingcrypto keyring keyring1  pre-shared-key address ipv6 2001...

grio44001 by Beginner
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Internet Interface ACL - LLA ND-NA and ND-NS

I´m studying about IPv6 security (IPv6 security book from Cisco- Scott Hogg and Eric Vyncke) and at this momment I´m trying to build an ACL to apply on a interface that is connected to a ISP.At recomendations they say that we need to allow icmp nd-na...

imfvieira by Beginner
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IPv4 to IPv6 RDP Access

Hi;In our ınfrastructure we use dual-stack. We configured our cluster firewall and router (BGPv6). Now we have an application server whichs 's run only over IPv6 address. We want to connect this server over RDP service from our edge sites which's run...

IOS-XR DAD: Duplicate IPv6 address

Hello everyone,IPv6 on my PtP links were blocked.  After "clear ipv6 duplicate addresses" it's Up and Running.TenGigE0/0/0/0 is Up, ipv6 protocol is Down, Vrfid is default (0x60000000)  IPv6 is down (link local duplicate), link-local address is fe80:...

kozorezdi by Beginner
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