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We have bought a new floor in a new building which is approx 1 km from our current office where the core switch resides.I am planning to use a 100mbps Point to point fibre link to connect the L2 switch at new floor which has capacity of around 200 us...

Hey Everyone, So we just got setup with the Comcast P2P EDI Fiber. They never told me we needed to fo the L3 ourselves, so luckily we have a Cisco 4948 that can do some of that. I had this working the other day but we had a power outage and my cisco ...

I have a L2 connection set up via Comcast ENS service. It supposed to resemble a large L2 full mesh network.   I have inherited several sites working via this service.   I am trying to bring a up a new site using and SFP port on 3560 but I'm unsure o...

jacobyoby by Level 1
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I am bit confuse about the utilized Ampere calculation of Router and CISCO Power calculator.   3 power supplies (a9k-3kw-ac-v2) are installed in ASR-9010 and router output showing total 2082 W power being utilized and 38 Amp ( 12.7 + 12.5 + 12.8 ).  ...

router output.JPG PWR _CAL_1.JPG PWR _CAL_2.JPG
Gohar by Level 1
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Hello, I have 6807xl box and I configure all ports of it it as L2 dot1q trunk and I have so many 3750 switches that they connected to the 6807xl  as L2 dot1q trunk.In all of them VLAN 1 as management VLAN and every thing is OK.I checked there is one ...

me_noori by Level 1
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Hi, CSC: Can someone please provide a full list of 1G SFP support for the asr920 for the 24 SFP ports (part number ASR-920-24SZ-M).I'm particularly interested in the BX (bidirectional) SFP support. Data sheet and HW inst guide do not include this lis...

Dear i am girijesh singh , i have cisco asr 9010 router , now a day they are showing low memory warning and due to this our maximum BGP session are down frequently with msg (OOM) . kindly suggest how to resolve this issue

Hi All We have purchased the Cisco catalyst 9300 switches and replacing them with HP5500. The switches will be used as Core in the network. I haven't worked on these switches before and looking some help in stack configuration.   Please share the sta...

Hello community. I need help with Cisco ASR-920-12SZ-IM. From the first start, the STAT weapon is red. Is it normal? Is there a hardware failure?

demba by Level 1
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