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hello,my question is about mpls TE.i have the following topology R4 - 100Mbps - R3 - 100Mbps - R2 - 155Mbps - R1i establish an mpls TE tunnel between R4 and R1 ( with a bandwidth value of 10Mbpswhen i do "show mpls traffic-eng topology path ...

Hi All,If i have two PE MPLS routers connected via Layer 2 switches and these switches provide only layer2 VLAN transport between these PE routers. Is it possible to configure DSCP based qos on the layer 2 switches to provide different kind of servic...

justanas1 by Beginner
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I am trying to setup an end-to-end VRF lite implementation, but am constrained by not having access to our Service Provider (SP)-managed PE routers. Our SP does offer us VRF capability (I believe this is as an additional MPLS-VPN rather than via VRF ...

spoofneted by Beginner
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Hello,  I would like to know if "mpls bgp forward" is supported on ISR G2 platform, especially on Dialer interface. It was working in GNS3 with C7200, but in the real life it could be different.  The goal is set up an MPLS/VPN on several ADSL CPE (th...

atis by Beginner
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Hi,we're activating new bgp AS number inside our backone using the same IGP + LDP cloud. We already activated the RR and mp-bgp for new AS number. We would like to use the inter-as option C (peering between RR) to transport VPN and mVPN (v4/v6) betwe...

Hi All,         Your urgent help is hereby sought for the scenario as follows:Four PE routers (R2,4,5,and XR1) each with its connected CE. Running static route everywhere except in the core.The VPN policy actually took place on the R2, which has conn...

Hi,I have tried to install MPLS VPNV6 between different MPLS PE I can see the routes inside the VRF and also the next-hope is reachable but I can’t ping between  two VRFs  in two different PEsPE1# ping vrf ABC ipv6  2002:172:9::10 source  2002:172:9:...

Hi,Can some one please explain how to match RT value and set AS-PATH prepend while importing the routes in to a VRF ?I know AS-PATH prepention can be done with export-map when exporting routes along with setting a RT value. But for some reason this c...

anilrs3 by Beginner
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Hi everyone,Need your expert's advice as to how can i do "selective forwarding" for MPLS, this is similar to Policy-based Routing (PBR). But in this case, we need to dedicate a link for a certain subnet only.               Link 1      ---------------...

s.lachica by Beginner
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I try to simulate the case of using downbit check to prevent routing loop in OSPF/VPN environment. In my lab, I create a vrf Gi with two ospf area: one of 14 and another of 44. Now in R2 and R3 routing table of vrf Gi, we see route is lea...

minh_hieu by Beginner
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Hello!I got the network as in the picture. I need that traffic for customer-1 devices flows through the blue tunnel and from the customer-2 through the red tunnel. I know how to make tunnels on PE-1 and PE-2, but I can't find out how to devide traffi...

ivorvalyov by Beginner
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