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Resolved! SWIM Java.lang.NullPointerException

Hi,Please see attached. Knowledge Base Update error. Will the latest device update of 3.2 be compatible with 3.1? Maybe this is causing the exception? Any ideas?LMS 3.1 Windows 2003 Server.Thanks.Regards

Raf by Beginner
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LMS 3.2 - snmp-write needed ?

Hello,we are testing currently LMS 3.2 for a very large installation. In our network snmp-write access to devices is currently forbidden by a special company policy. The devices can only contacted via snmp-read and telnet/ssh.So my questions is:For w...

hleschin by Beginner
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Cisco PIX 525 Help

I am trying to figure out how failover works I guess. When the Primary PIX fails over to the secondary PIX does the standby take the IP's and names of the primary unit when it fails over or does it use it's own IP's for the inside/outside interfaces ...

dclaro by Beginner
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LMS and WCS on same windows machine

Hello,Do you know if it is possible to install LMS 3.1 or 3.2   and WCS on same windows 2003 server ?Apparently each one install their proper Apache-sever and it is impossible to start 2 Appache server simultaneously.Regards.Michel Misonne

mmisonne by Explorer
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Resolved! End hosts missing on LMS 3.2

we recently upgrade LMS 2.6 to 3.2 and we have close to 38,000 end hosts. the old CW reflect the correct number of end hosts however the new one only reporting  28,000 end hosts. when I did down, there is no end hosts clollected at least close to 250...

raindrop18 by Beginner
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Problem adding devices into RME from DCR

I am trying to add devices to RME. From Resource Mananger EssentialsAdmin->Device Mgmt->Device Management SettingsEnable Auto Mode ->Apply, but I am getting this error message. Any help will be appreciated.Error in getting instance of TreeGenerator c...

msalim by Beginner
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Duplicate MACS

When I run the duplicate MAC report from CM the report shows over 2,500 duplicate MAC addresses on our network.I'm sure this isn't correct as the MACs that are showing as duplicates show twice on the same port (once on the voice vlan and once on the ...

BlueyVIII by Beginner
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CiscoWorks 3.1

In Ciscoworks 3.1 what is the best method to make a config change on your switches?  I want to add some usernames to my access switches.  Would i do this thru RME??  Any help is appreciated.

Packet capture

Hi my network is like this.ISP-->Router--->ASA(PATTED)----trunk/routed port------------------> Switch(vlans)--->internal usersValns are not communicating among each other.I am able to capture the packet on particular vlan.Say vlan5 with g...

sushil by Beginner
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