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Hello Team, We have below Script running on our ISR 4431 router.event manager applet TUNNELDOWNevent syslog pattern "Line protocol on Interface Tunnel1, changed state to down" maxrun 60action 1 cli command "enable"action 2 cli command "conf t"action ...

Hi all,Please refer to the Network Topology attached. I tbh dont know the VMware architecture too much but the way I have connected these guys, everything is able to ping each other and so the connectivity between them seems fine but for HA I dont kn...

TH09 by Beginner
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Hi All,I have a question about Cisco WLC 8.5 and ISE 2.3.Can I to do accounting from WLC to ISE via RADIUS without authentication?On WLC, I have local user database (net user) to web-auth and I want to send any trace to ISE (user id, ip address, MAC....

User24571 by Beginner
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We have a number of pseudowire tunnels established on our routers to pass serial data from some older manufacturing equipment that uses RS232.  We are routing this traffic using xconnect and L2tp over pseudowire.  This works fantastic except we are u...

kossuth78 by Beginner
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Hi all,   I’ve deployed a SSM Satellite VM (v6.0) from the ISO as per the installation guide, however, I have noticed that there are a handful of static routes to IP prefixes in the appliances OS routing table that point to a “docker” network interfa...

dongill by Beginner
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I don't know if I am posting in the right section, so forgive me if I am not! I am using an RV320 to connect the systems at two locations over a VPN. It was working just fine for months, then the internet became slow, the connection became shady, con...

Seiichi by Beginner
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I have a majority of my home network configured to where I would like it, I just need to figure out how to get it to route to the internet! The Cisco Community has been of great help. Once I have the basics configured I can backup my configs and fidd...


Hi a few days ago i was asked to do a show tech to give to a support company, but the command never i can no longer configure my switch by terminal, and i cannot terminate the user sessions.i have followed all advices i could find for t...

JeromeBana by Beginner
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