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Hi All,   Does anyone have a list of the Cisco switches that are able to do bandwidth management? It seems a really hard thing to find. I'm after a switch that can manage bandwidth per port or IP and be part of a HA configuration. Doesn't need to be ...

AESTRUSER by Beginner
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I have an EEM script that is triggered by interface down event. However, I found out that the event is triggered also when I issue the router reloads. There is no point running the script if reload is in progress. What is the best practice to detect ...

pingduck by Beginner
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I'm trying to set up a multicast on a couple of our C3850 switches, all of my internet searches have lead me to entering the command:   switch(config)# ip multicast-routing However, it seems like this option isn't available on every switch. Entering ...

nlogic by Beginner
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Cisco IOS XR /  NCS-5500   Q. Why am I not getting BGP Source origin AS on the netflow monitor-map?     In "show flow monitor MYMONITOR cache location 0/0/CPU0" BGPSrcOrigAS is always 0     flow exporter-map EXPORTER version v9 ! transport udp <po...

Hi,   We have an eem script to monitor the uplink interface between two switches. When the uplink interface is up first switch will be  active and second switch will be backup, vice versa. When only the uplink interface goes down script is working pe...

Hi,I have been looking online to try and find a way to automate extended pings with the record option, but have only found some that are for regular pings.This is one of the ones that I found:foreach address {x.x.x.xx.x.x.xx.x.x.x} { ping $address re...

juan_6_810 by Beginner
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