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Hi I've attempted to upgrade the IOS of 2 of my cat3650's. After rebooting them the one I didn't delete enough files to have room for the new IOS the second I did and it's giving me another error. First Switch switch: bootNot enough free memory for e...

Hi,  I've tried to activate MAC-SEC on a Link between ISR4431 and C3850 or C9500. Now I should enable License hseck9 for enable this function. Any Idea what else would be required ?  Interface:  mka policy p1 mka pre-shared-key key-chain k1 !   IOS: ...

renemerki1 by Beginner
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Hey guys/gals! I started a Full Stack Networking course and its been going smoothly- I am excited to one day work in this field! I have a question and it may sound silly, but I just want to know.  With a server can you utilize it to perform several d...

SageSama by Beginner
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Hi All, I'm updating an existing script to look for a Syslog entry and based on a match, proceed or exit. I can't seem to get this working and am looking for some guidance. Script works without Actions 1.0 to 1.8 but with Actions 1.0 to 1.8 fails to ...

Hi,ACL is created to match conditionsEx with standard ACL: access-list 1 permit is implicit deny at the endSo when IP comes => ACL matches for this IPWhen IP comes => ACL don't match for this IP Suppose ...

Alright, this is my first post so be gentle!   I am a recent entry into the networking world. One of my first assignments that my Sr. Net engineer gave me was to get APIC PnP working with no touch to the device other then network and power.    I was ...

xealo by Beginner
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The "Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) Network Component Compatibility" document (Release 2.4) here does not have any Nexus devices listed.   Can anyone on the community confirm if:   Nexus switches are compatible / incompatible with ISE running v...

Hello everyone,   I have a question related to the log management on chassis WS-C6506-E.   Here are the information related to the chassis: - Sup card : VS-S720-10G  - Version used : 12.2(33)SXJ    The logs are currently too weak for my employer. Ind...

Kalastat by Beginner
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ISE Issue Cisco ISE installed on VM (Hyper-V) machine ISE Version 2.4 Setup iaw Cisco documentation Two Cisco switches to be administered by ISE (MSW) Management SW (Cisco 2960)(ASW) Access SW Nexus Chassis - 9180YC-FX, SW nxos.7.0.3.I7.3.bin        ...

alanb by Beginner
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